TDR: In Search of a Remedy

Mat POV#

Thom is now so sick that Mat is worried about him. Mat asks Cavan Lopar about a Wisdom or someone who does herbs. He recommends a nearby Wise Woman, Mother Guenna![1] Mat drags Thom over there and notes three fine horses tied in the back. Mother Guenna gives Thom a horrible concoction to drink. Mat thinks Mother Guenna sounds like Siuan[2] and comments on her accent. Mother Guenna replies that she knows two girls that sound like Mat. A few moments later it is clear that they are Egwene and Nynaeve along with Elayne. Mother Guenna finally breaks down and tells him that, on orders of High Lord Samon, they were taken by Aes Sedai[3] to the Stone of Tear only three hours ago. Mat thanks her, asks her to look after Thom, and heads back to The White Crescent. The dice are tumbling inside his head.[4]

More Mat POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This makes sense as both Mat and Nynaeve looked for a place near the docks.
[#2] They are both from the Maule.
[#3] Being unfamiliar with Aes Sedai she apparently never made the connection that they must be Black Ajah.
[#4] The first time this happens.

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