TEotW: Children of Shadow

Perrin POV#

Perrin hates his axe and wants to throw it away but Elyas stops him. He wonders if he could kill Egwene rather than let the ravens kill her. The wolves send a message - men who smell wrong approach.[1] Elyas leaves and Perrin, Egwene and Bela hide by a giant hand, part of the statue. A unit of Whitecloaks shows up. Dapple, Wind and Hopper are avoiding them. The Whitecloaks spot them and order them to come out. Hopper kills one of the Whitecloaks[2] and is killed. Perrin attacks with his axe and is knocked out.[3]

Later the same night, Perrin wakes in a tent with Egwene and Geofram Bornhald. The tent's furnishings are well crafted - Haral Luhhan or Master Aydaer, the cabinetmaker, would appreciate them. Perrin and Egwene are both hog-tied and Geofram Bornhald has all their belongings including Perrin's Tar Valon mark. Jaret Byar enters and reports nine men dead, twenty-three injured and thirty horses dead. They are on a tight schedule to reach Caemlyn.[4] Perrin can no longer sense Elyas or the wolves. Their belongings are returned except, of course, Perrin's axe. Geofram Bornhald mentions his son, Dain Bornhald. Geofram Bornhald says they will be taken to Amador after Caemlyn, Egwene may be released if she repents but Perrin will probably hang because he killed two Whitecloaks.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It is not clear if all Whitecloaks smell wrong or if there is something particular about this band.
[#2] He is Lathin. The other Whitecloak that Perrin kills is Yamwick. (ToM,Ch34)
[#3] One of the Whitecloaks who witnesses this fight is Child Oratar. (ToM,Ch10)
[#4] They are in the middle of nowhere. From where did they start? And why the urgency? Is it the Aes Sedai heading there to display Logain? When Geofram Bornhald is recalled from Caemlyn, he is annoyed, as he feels that Morgase is about to be overthrown. (TGH,Ch5)

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