ToM: Judgment

Perrin POV#

Perrin sends the Maidens out to scout but Sulin says they will be unhappy if they miss the chance to dance the spears. Dannil, Gaul, Azi al'Thone and Wil al'Seen ride with Perrin. He still smells something wrong on the wind. There is tension between Arganda, Gallenne and the other army forces. He tells Dannil that he knows Faile cooked up some sort of plot to rescue him and Dannil admits to it. Perrin warns him not to act before his signal. Neald and Gaul have been scouting and determined that Traveling works far away from their camp. Perrin is certain this is connected to the dome in the wolf dream. Slayer put the dome in place and is guarding it to keep Perrin trapped. He wishes Elyas would return from his special scouting mission. Perrin mounts Stepper to meet Galad and the Whitecloaks for his trial.

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Faile POV#

Faile gives orders for the refugees to Aravine. She leaves and Aldin follows her; he had been following Arrela. Faile passes Flann Barstere, Jon Gaelin and Marek Cormer readying their bows. They no longer believe that Perrin dallied with Berelain. She readies herself and a groom brings Daylight. She still misses Swallow. She joins Perrin at the front of the army. Bain and Chiad bring fresh weapons for Gaul. Perrin tells her that the Last Battle is coming. He needs to go to Rand but he feels like he is being herded.[1] He has the Maidens and Elyas out scouting. They ride down the Jehannah Road to meet the Whitecloaks. They find a pavilion where Morgase sits on an elevated chair. Berelain stares at Galad as they approach. Perrin thinks he should abide by Morgase's judgment but Faile tells him his duty to Rand, the Last Battle and he is stronger.

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Perrin POV#

Neald, Dannil and Grady join Perrin in the pavilion. Rowan Hurn goes to make sure the captives were released. Faile sits next to Perrin with Berelain and Alliandre nearby. The Aes Sedai and Wise Ones stand behind them.[2] Galad, Bornhald and Byar sit on the opposite side. Perrin is charged with murdering Lathin and Yamwick. Perrin admits to killing them but says it was not murder. Byar tells the story of them arriving at the stedding and finding the remains of a camp and then seeing wolves. Perrin remembers images and scents of Egwene, Bela and Dapple. Hopper killing Lathin. A second Whitecloak[3] corroborates Byar's story. It is then Perrin's turn and he admits that their story is true. He says he can speak with wolves and that he lost himself when the Whitecloaks killed his friends. Bornhald then accuses Perrin of murdering his father. Perrin responds that the Horn of Valere had been blown and he rode along with Hawkwing on the same side as Geofram Bornhald against the Seanchan. Galad then questions Byar as to how he knew that Perrin killed Bornhald but Byar is adamant.[4] Perrin then challenges Byar that he offered to let Perrin and Egwene escape so he could murder them. Morgase asks if Perrin is done with his defense and he concurs. She pronounces him guilty citing Andoran law. Dannil and Azi al'Thone stand beside Perrin. As to sentencing she cites the Kainec protocol. She rules that the altercation was a fight between unauthorized mercenary groups meaning there are no innocents. Perrin killed illegally but it was not murder. As Galad is the closest responsible for the men who were killed she gives Perrin's sentencing to him. Perrin agrees to abide by his sentence, but not until after the Last Battle is done. After deliberation Galad agrees. Byar vehemently objects.[4] Galad asks Morgase to accompany him but she goes with Perrin as he is returning to Andor. Galad does not tell Perrin what his punishment will be.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] As in his vision from the wolf dream. (ToM,Ch4)
[#2] Aes Sedai Masuri, Seonid and Annoura, Wise Ones Carelle, Delora, Edarra, Janina, Marline and Nevarin.
[#3] He is Oratar.
[#4] We learn more about Byar in ToM,Ch41 and ToM,Epilogue.

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