TEotW: Old Friends and New Threats

Rand PoV#

Rand has run from the Andor Royal Palace to The Queen's Blessing. Lamgwin Dorn sees him coming and stands up, expecting trouble. Rand asks where Master Gill is and Lamgwin Dorn tells him that he's in the library. Rand enters the library and finds Master Gill playing stones with Loial. Rand tells them of his experience in the previous chapter, TEotW,Ch40. Master Gill tells Rand that he must leave in the next two days or else Elaida will find him. They contemplate fetching Mother Grubb for Mat. Loial says that he is going with Rand.

Gilda then knocks on the library door and tells Master Gill that there are Whitecloaks in the common room. Master Gill and Rand go out to meet them. There are five Whitecloaks in the common room. They are looking for "a boy from the Two Rivers."[1] and are very rude and curt and imply that Morgase is a Darkfriend. Every man in the room stands up and draws their sword. Master Gill orders them out and they start to leave. Lamgwin Dorn blocks the door until Master Gill motions for him to get out of the way. The Whitecloaks then leave.

Gilda reappears and tells Master Gill that there is a lady in the kitchen who is asking for Rand and Mat by name. Rand is momentarily puzzled, and then dashes into the kitchen to find Moiraine, Lan, Egwene, Perrin, and Nynaeve. Rand introduces everyone to Master Gill, using their true names. Two cats react strangely to Moiraine.[2] She says she will set a ward to keep rats away.[3]

Nynaeve asks where Mat is and Rand says he is upstairs and not feeling well. Rand, Egwene, Nynaeve and Perrin go upstairs to see Mat. Perrin asks where the gleeman is and Rand tells him that Thom is dead. They enter the room and Mat is worse than ever. He jeers at Perrin's change, Nynaeve being in love, and Egwene dreaming of being Aes Sedai. Nynaeve starts to try and treat him when Moiraine enters and shoves Nynaeve away. Moiraine touches Mat and Mat tries to slash her with the Ruby Dagger. Lan stops Mat's slash and holds his wrist. She explains that Fades could sense the ruby dagger for miles.[4]

Lan confirms that there are Trollocs outside the city. Rand finally sees Perrin's yellow eyes. Moiraine tells the Two Rivers folk to step outside while she tries to Heal Mat.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] They are looking for Perrin but Rand naturally thinks they are after him.
[#2] Cats and dogs can sense Aes Sedai. Cats are attracted to them but dogs are fearful.
[#3] Apparently this is a common weave as Elaida uses something similar in the Royal Palace. (TEotW,Ch40)
[#4] Explaining how Fades and Darkfriends were on the boys heels ever since Whitebridge.

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