TEotW: The Westwood

Rand POV#

Tam is feverish and delirious from his wound. Rand's mother, Kari al'Thor, died fifteen years ago. Rand rigs a travois to carry Tam to Emond's Field. Tam raves about the Aiel War and Laman's sin, the field at Marath and Cairhien burning. Rand heads through the woods toward the village. The Fade and some Trollocs go by heading west. Rand feels the evil of the rider again. Tam raves some more about Avendoraldera, the cutting of Avendesora that grew for five hundred years[1] before Laman cut it down. In stories, Avendesora belongs to the Green Man. Tam raves about how pleased Kari will be that he found Rand on Dragonmount.[2] Stunned, Rand wonders who he really is.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It was actually about four hundred twenty years. (The Dragon Reborn,Glossary)
[#2] The story of Tam finding Rand and giving up his military career to return to the Two Rivers will be the subject of the second prequel novella, though it is not certain if it will ever be written.


(James Beveridge)
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