TEotW: A Place of Safety

Rand POV#

Rand, Moiraine and Lan come to Tam's room. Thom immediately leaves. Lan does not like or trust Thom. Rand feels prickly and shivers when Moiraine Heals Tam.[1] Lan notes the heron-mark sword. Moiraine says the weapon that caused Tam's wound came from Thakan'dar. She uses her ivory figurine angreal to Heal Tam. Lan tells Rand the black rider was a Myrddraal and gives some background on them. After Moiraine finishes, she is exhausted. She tells Rand that he, Mat and Perrin must leave with them. The Dark One sent the Trollocs specifically for them. Bandry Crawe is ten months older and Lem Thane is eight months younger than the boys. Lan cannot figure how the Trollocs got to Emond's Field.[2] Moiraine offers to take Rand to Tar Valon for safety. Rand reluctantly agrees and Lan sighs.[3] With renewed vigor, Moiraine[3] says she will get Mat and Perrin and that they must leave this night. Moiraine and Lan leave. Bran and Marin bring food. Bran confirms that only two farms were attacked, his and Perrin's, and the first houses to burn were Abell Cauthon's and Haral Luhhan's. They leave and Rand falls asleep by Tam.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Rand's first experience feeling saidar.
[#2] Via the Ways.
[#3] Did Moiraine just now draw strength from Lan? If so, this is the first indication of some of the secret benefits the Aes Sedai get from their Warder.


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