TFoH: Figs and Mice

Elayne POV#

Ronde Macura and Luci carry Elayne and Nynaeve upstairs. Ronde Macura leaves to make arrangements while a panicky Luci stays behind to keep them drugged. Some time later, Thom enters the room with a terrified Luci and frees them. Juilin followed them and reported back to Thom that they were in trouble. Back downstairs, Juilin enters with Ronde Macura. He caught her while he was tying Skulker out back. Juilin intimidates Ronde Macura and Luci into talking. Ronde Macura works as an eyes-and-ears agent for Narenwin Barda. She sends pigeons from Avi Shendar's coop to an inn, The Upriver Run, in Tar Valon. They indignantly deny being Darkfriends. She received orders to capture a woman of Elayne's description and return her to the White Tower. The order came directly from the Amyrlin. She already sent a pigeon with news of their capture.[1] She planned to have Therin Lugay take them to Tar Valon. The four of them tie up the two women, then go to the kitchen to talk things over. Nynaeve actually thanks the men for rescuing them. They are confused by the message and the orders for their capture.[2] They plan to change their aliases to two ladies traveling with their servants. Juilin will buy a coach. They will also dye Elayne's hair black.

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Omni POV#

Noy Torvald's coach pulls up in front of Ronde Macura's shop. He was glad to sell it, as he needs the money. His only work now is odd jobs for Widow Teran. Two ladies get into the coach and the coachman and footman drive it off in a hurry. A short time later, Therin Lugay arrives with his cart. He finds Ronde Macura and Luci drugged unconscious inside. Thinking things over, he decides to visit Altara or maybe Murandy. Quite some time later, Ronde Macura makes her way to Avi Shendar's coops. She sends a pigeon northeast to Tar Valon,[1] then another one west.[3] After she leaves, Avi Shendar reads the message off the parchment she used as a writing pad, then sends a third pigeon in yet another direction.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Elaida will not be very forgiving when she learns of Ronde Macura's failure. (ACoS,Prologue)
[#2] They still believe Siuan Sanche is Amyrlin, not Elaida.
[#3] Tanchico? Who is the recipient?
[#4] With no direction, one can only guess at the recipient.

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