TFoH: The Practice of Diffidence

Siuan Sanche POV#

Siuan and Leane are talking with Anaiya, Sheriam, Carlinya and Myrelle. Beonin and Morvrin have also joined them. Siuan is sweating. She still has some ability to ignore the heat, but not during a confrontation. Siuan tries to goad them into action against Elaida because she will misuse Rand. She recalls that Moiraine likes Anaiya; Anaiya and Siuan do not like each other. Siuan remembers Carlinya as a novice and Accepted. She was long on logic, but short on common sense. Siuan asks if Aeldene is in Salidar. The head of the Blue Ajah eyes-and-ears is not.[1] Siuan says she can reactivate the eyes-and-ears network. She then tells them that Logain was set up by the Red Ajah.[2] They agree to let Siuan continue to run her agents. Siuan and Leane then suggest that they select a new Amyrlin and Sitters. For Amyrlin, Leane suggests someone not in the White Tower at the time of the revolt and also someone very strong in the One Power.[3] Siuan then announces that she thinks Rand is in the Aiel Waste. While she was Accepted, Gitara Moroso told her that Aiel Wise Ones might be able to channel and that the Aiel call themselves People of the Dragon.[4] The Aes Sedai agree to send Kiruna Nachiman, Bera Harkin and their seven Warder to the Aiel Waste to find him. Siuan is sure that Moiraine is still with Rand. The two Aes Sedai should be willing to carry a letter to her from Siuan.

Arinvar, Sheriam's Warder, enters and tells them twenty men are approaching. Machan said they looked like veteran soldiers. Nuhel then enters and says that the leader is Gareth Bryne. She recalls her last "official" meeting with Bryne where she humiliated him in front of Morgase and all her nobles. In a panic, Siuan tells them to send him away or kill him and everyone stares at her. Nuhel says Gareth Bryne is one of the five great living captains. The others are Agelmar Jagad, Davram Bashere, Pedron Niall and Rodel Ituralde of Arad Doman. If the Aes Sedai want someone to build an army, Gareth Bryne is it. The Aes Sedai send the Warder to fetch Bryne, then force Siuan to tell them everything about why she is afraid of him.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] By ACoS,Ch11 she is there.
[#2] Siuan is taking advantage of her newfound ability to lie.
[#3] Do Siuan and Leane already have Egwene in mind?
[#4] It is interesting that, in TDR,Ch56, Moiraine is stunned to learn that the Aiel are the People of the Dragon.

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