ACoS: An Oath

Egwene POV#

Meri wakens her before dawn. Egwene would send her off, but Romanda would just find another spy. Egwene goes to her study expecting to find Sheriam with a bunch of petitions. Instead, Theodrin Dabei and Faolain Orande are there. Theodrin chose the Brown Ajah and Faolain chose the Blue Ajah. They tell her no one saw anyone but Halima. They ran into Tiana while they were out and were told to go to bed. Theodrin is the stronger of the two. Faolain says she does not like Egwene. Both Romanda and Lelaine offered to protect them, but both swear fealty to her because she is the Amyrlin. She thinks only a Darkfriend would break the oath.[1] Faolain insisted on it. Egwene sets them two tasks[2] and they leave.

Meri brings her breakfast and leaves. She reads a note left by Siuan. She has been using the twisted ring to search Tel'aran'rhiod and reports finding nothing. Siuan was denied use of the twisted ring for being temperamental, but sneaks it from Leane. As Egwene finishes her breakfast Siuan enters. Aeldene Stonebridge, head of the Blue Ajah eyes-and-ears, badgers Siuan for information about the Amyrlin's eyes-and-ears. Siuan says, "There was no one stronger than me before. No one since..."[3]

Myrelle, one of Sheriam's group, rides by. Egwene runs outside and stops her because of something Siuan has surmised.[4] Gareth Bryne also rides up, says a patrol found something he wants her to see. Egwene tells Myrelle to come with them and sends Siuan to get her horse. Lelaine walks up with Takima, a Brown Ajah Sitter. Romanda and Varilin, a Gray Ajah Sitter, come by. With one exception[5] the Sitters from the White Tower have sided with one or the other. Newly chosen Sitters mostly go their own way. They complain that Delana wants Elaida declared Black Ajah based on stories from Halima. Siuan said she and Lelaine used to be friends. Lelaine wants all discussion of the Black Ajah stopped; Romanda wants to question every sister.

Siuan arrives with the horses and she, Bryne, Egwene and Myrelle ride off. Egwene is riding Daishar ("glory" in the Old Tongue). They are in Murandy at the end of the Cumbar Hills south of Lugard. Bryne does not expect any opposition until they reach Andor in ten days. He plans to lay siege on Tar Valon. It is critical that they block Northharbor and Southharbor.[6] During the Trolloc Wars Dreadlords and Trollocs plundered part of the White Tower. An army trying to rescue Guaire Amalasan reached the Tower, too. These are part of the secret records hidden in the Tower. They continue riding.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is this a hint? Is Theodrin and/or Faolain more than she seems?
[#2] One of the tasks is to ingratiate themselves with Lelaine and Romanda by pretending to accept their offer of protection. (TPoD,Ch16)
[#3] Who? Cadsuane?
[#4] We find out what it is next chapter. (ACoS,Ch12)
[#5] Janya Frende.
[#6] With ACoS,Ch12 footnote 7, this is the first hint of the nature of Egwene's plan for taking Tar Valon. (CoT,Ch30)

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