TFoH: Encounters in Samara

Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve and Uno enter Samara. There are Whitecloaks at the gates. They pass inns called The Blue Bull and The Dancing Goose. There are people from diverse lands. Ragan joins them on the way. They warn her that Rand must be called the Lord Dragon. They arrive at the house where Masema is staying and the men surrender their swords. They wait in an anteroom while Masema meets with a woman. She gives him all her jewelry, then curtsies and leaves. Nynaeve, Uno and Ragan are admitted. Masema remembers her. He seems quite mad. She tells him that the Lord Dragon has summoned her to Tear so she must find a boat as soon as possible. He agrees to try to find a riverboat for her then Ragan and Uno hustle her out. Back outside, they warn her about how volatile Masema is. He had Lord Aleshin flogged and almost had Lady Baelome beheaded for not being reverent enough. They tell her the woman was Queen Alliandre. She is the fourth monarch in the last half year and she is surviving because she knows how to placate Masema. The monarch occupies the Jheda Palace in Jehannah. King Johanin thought Masema was a harmless madman until he died in a "hunting accident." Ellizelle sent her army after the Prophet and died of poison shortly thereafter. Teresia sent her army as well, then abdicated after only ten days by marrying a commoner merchant, Beron Goraed. Suddenly Uno tells her that there is a Whitecloak following them. They turn a corner and she sees that it is Galad.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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