TGH: Kinslayer

Rand POV#

Rand, Loial and Hurin ride south. Rand still has Red. There are more burned patches. They all run east-west and are narrower at the ends than in the middle.[1] They remind Rand of the way Whatley Eldin from Emond's Field painted decorations on his cart. He also sees very long, straight clouds.[2] Loial stops at a bushy tree and treesings it into a beautiful staff. The song sounds familiar to Rand.[3] When asked why he made a weapon, Loial responds that the land was glad for a weapon to be made. Elder Haman would be displeased. As they travel, Hurin says they cross many paths of violence. That night the moon is almost full. Rand takes the first watch and softly plays Thom's flute to comfort himself.

Late in the night, a fog suddenly appears and Ba'alzamon is there[4] in a black shadow.[5] He calls Rand Lews Therin. When Rand denies it, Ba'alzamon says he has known all of Rand's names in all ages. Rand is ta'veren and stands out like a beacon in the Pattern.[6] Noting Loial and Hurin, Ba'alzamon muses that Lews Therin always finds odd followers such as the girl who wants to protect him.[7] Rand thinks he might mean Moiraine. Ba'alzamon says some Aes Sedai follow him. He knows that Moiraine told him he is the Dragon Reborn.[8] He knows that Rand is seeking the Horn of Valere. Ba'alzamon commands Rand to serve Shai'tan and the dark shadow thickens.[5] Ba'alzamon shows Rand his face, which is horribly burned, but growing new flesh. He offers to teach Rand. Rand refuses and Ba'alzamon engulfs him in flame, his sword glowing brightly. The fire disappears and Ba'alzamon is gone, but the hilt of Rand's sword branded a heron on his hand.[9] Loial and Hurin are still asleep. He thinks to himself that he will not channel.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Caused by some weapon like a giant magnifying glass that focuses the sun?
[#2] Sounds very much like contrails.
[#3] Very strange. Could this be his first memory from Lews Therin?
[#4] It is not clear if Rand fell asleep and this is a dream (as he thinks) or if Ishamael somehow found him in the other world.
[#5] This black shadow surrounding him is some manifestation of the True Power.
[#6] This is apparently true. Ishamael, at least, can track ta'veren through the Pattern. (KoD,Ch3)
[#7] Egwene (TGH,Ch12)
[#8] Did he get this information from one of the Black Ajah at Fal Dara?
[#9] The first mark from the Karaethon Cycle.

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