TGH: Woven in the Pattern

Egwene POV#

Egwene and Nynaeve join the Aes Sedai preparing to leave Fal Dara. Bela is with the Aes Sedai's horses. Siuan cuts off Agelmar's protests and looks at Egwene and Nynaeve much as Master Padwhin, the Emond's Field carpenter, looks at his tools. Leane stays with the Amyrlin. All the rest, including Moiraine and Lan, mount their horses.[1] Nynaeve tells Egwene that Ingtar will take care of Rand. They head west.

Each night, the Aes Sedai of each Ajah share a tent and their Warder sleep outside. The Green Ajah sisters have four between them.[2] Lan has another heart to heart talk with Nynaeve. The first night, Verin gives them lessons in channeling. She tells Egwene that Moiraine started channeling on her own just like Egwene. She says they will get lessons every night until Sheriam, the Mistress of Novices, has charge of them. Other Aes Sedai who give them lessons are Alviarin, Alanna and Liandrin, though Liandrin just grills them about the three boys. Alanna is also interested in the boys, particularly Rand.[3] Egwene begins having bad dreams about Rand.

They reach the village of Medo on the Mora River. Egwene feels the need to tell someone about her dreams, so she asks Anaiya where Moiraine is. Anaiya says Moiraine vanished with Lan two days ago, then Liandrin, then Verin without Tomas.[4] Siuan is really angry. Egwene tells Anaiya that Rand is in trouble. Anaiya says either they have the Horn by now or it is in the Blight.[5] Egwene tells her about her dream - A man with a mask over his face and fire in place of eyes.[6] He was surprised to see her. His look terrified her. She saw Rand sleeping on the ground. A woman stood over him and she knew she was evil.[7] They both vanish in a flash of light. Behind it all was a feeling of danger, of a trap with many jaws closing. Anaiya thinks Egwene might be a Dreamer. There has not been one if four or five hundred years. She says Dreaming is linked to Foretelling. She tells Egwene to board the River Queen. Egwene is certain Rand is headed south and is in danger.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Others in the party not specifically identified include Carlinya, Leane, Maigan and Serafelle.
[#2] Two of them are Alanna's Warder, Ihvon and Owein.
[#3] Why is Alanna particularly interested in Rand? Does she know something she is not supposed to know?
[#4] Verin goes after Rand. (TGH,Ch14) Presumably Tomas goes with the rest of the party back to Tar Valon.
[#5] So she assumes they went north as well.
[#6] Ba'alzamon
[#7] Lanfear

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