TGH: Dangerous Words

Rand POV#

The next night, Perrin stays behind while ten Shienarans under Uno make an escort for Rand, Ingtar, Loial, Hurin, Mat and Verin to the manor of Barthanes. Mat and Hurin pretend to be servants so that they can go further in the house in search of the Horn of Valere and the ruby dagger. They are greeted at the door by Ashin, who then announces them to the crowd. Loial tells Rand that he feels a Waygate close by. The Ogier planted a grove in Al'cair'rahienallen because Stedding Tsofu had not yet been rediscovered.

Rand speaks to Barthanes and several others while Mat and Hurin look around. Barthanes talks to Rand about King Galldrian. Barthanes also mentions that Rand looks like an Aiel. He leaves to talk to a gray haired nobleman of high rank.[1] The following women manage to corner him: Alaine Chuliandred, Belevaere Osiellin and Breane Taborwin. Thom is also there performing as a gleeman. Rand recognizes him and uses him as an excuse to get away from the many people that want to talk to him. Rand tells Thom that the Horn was stolen and brought here. Hurin then appears to tell Rand that Mat has fallen and twisted his knee.[2] Rand follows Hurin out of the room.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The noble is not identified.
[#2] Mat's injury is an excuse to get Rand away from the lords and ladies without suspicion.

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