TGS: The Last of the Tabac

Rodel Ituralde POV#

It is nearly two weeks since his victory at Darluna. Ituralde still carries a wrinkled note with instructions from Alsalam.[1] Ituralde is with Rajabi. The last of the Tarabon have abandoned them. The new Seanchan general[2] has 300,000 men and two hundred damane. They have retreated deep into Arad Doman only to learn that there are 100,000 Aiel north of them. They are holed up in an abandoned stedding. Ituralde recalls seeing a master juggler[3] in Caemlyn entertain the young Daughter-Heir.[4] Just when he seemed ready to drop all the balls he disappeared in a flash of light and was sitting next to Lord Finndal's wife. Ituralde expects his final fall to be as spectacular.

A boy brings news that a lone man has arrived. Ituralde summons his remaining officers, Ankaer, Wakeda, Melarned and Lidrin. Shimron was killed by a damane fireball. An escort brings Rand. Rand says Bashere's description of Ituralde's position was accurate. He is boxed in. Ituralde thinks Rand's eyes are like Alsalam's. They demand obedience. Rand says Alsalam is in Graendal's thrall. Rand offers him the Arad Doman or the Amadicia throne. He will loan him Aiel and a hundred Asha'man, stable now that the taint is gone, who can Travel. They are to secure the Borderlands. In return, Rand will have the Seanchan out of Arad Doman. Ituralde will send some of his officers with Rand. Ituralde agrees[5] and Rand orders him to Saldaea.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Actually from Graendal.
[#2] The new general is not identified.
[#3] Thom Merrilin
[#4] Baby Elayne
[#5] It seems that Ituralde accepts partly on simple logic and partly on ta'veren effect.

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