ToM: The Strength of This Place

Perrin POV#

Perrin runs in the wolf dream while his body sleeps next to Faile on the hilltop. Perrin is confident the Asha'man and Wise Ones could destroy the Whitecloaks but he does not want to do that. Balwer thinks this is the bulk of the remaining Children of the Light. He visits their camp to see if he can pick up anything Elyas and the Aiel might have missed. In the Lord Captain Commander's tent there is a signet ring with a winged dagger on it.[1] In another large tent he sees Basel Gill 's hat appear and vanish. He second guesses himself that he should have scouted Malden like this. Hopper appears and Perrin can sense Oak Dancer, Sparks and Boundless as well. Hopper begins teaching Young Bull how to use the wolf dream. The strength of this place is his strength. They continue training and Perrin senses a scent of determination that reminds him of Tam when he is training. He and Hopper stop when they find a translucent violet wall. Hopper says it is wrongness. Suddenly the wall is gone.[2] They continue training but Perrin is troubled.

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Ituralde POV#

Rodel Ituralde has his force on a hillside directly across the Arinelle River from the Blight blocking the route to Maradon. They have been fighting Trollocs for weeks with Myrddraal driving them. The Asha'man are exhausted from Healing. He calls Lidrin and orders him to lead the archers to the towers to deflect the next attack. The Saldaeans will not help and will not let him into Maradon, treating his force as a foreign army.[3] Bodies suddenly fall from the sky. The Shadowspawn have set up trebuchets and are launching dead Trollocs into their camp. Captain Finsas reports them moving more into place. Rajabi is taking command of part of the camp. Ituralde hopes that Rand keeps his promises. Another young officer is Zhell. Ituralde orders Lieutenant Nils to get a damage assessment and to tell Captain Creedin to guard the ford. Then suddenly there are live Draghkar among the falling bodies and they attack. One kills Rajabi. The Asha'man begin striking them down with balls of fire. Again Ituralde hopes that Rand will keep his promise to send help.

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Faile POV#

The next day Faile walks through the camp. The scouts from Cairhien are back and will report soon. She goes to confront Berelain and a pair of Winged Guards escort her. Annoura emerges from Berelain's tent as they arrive, seemingly displeased. Faile enters. Berelain thinks Faile chose Perrin for political gain for Saldaea with the Dragon Reborn.[4] Faile challenges Berelain to a duel to the death unless Berelain can come up with a way to stop the rumors about her and Perrin. Berelain suggests that they pretend to be friends, though it will be difficult, and Faile agrees.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The sigil of Galad Damodred (The Eye of the World,Glossary)
[#2] Slayer's first test of the dreamspike.
[#3] We learn more about this in ToM,Ch32.
[#4] More on this in ToM,Ch40.

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