TSR: Hunter of Trollocs

Perrin POV#

Perrin is at his camp in the Waterwood near his old home and the graves of his family, Aunt Neain and Uncle Carlin, their two children, Great Aunt Ealsin, Uncle Eward and Aunt Magde, their three children, his father and mother, Adora, Deselle and Paet. There are nearly seventy young men in the camp with him. He thinks that he will have to see Buel Dowtry, the Emond's Field fletcher, soon to get more arrows. It is six days since the rescue. Since then Perrin's troop found and killed two bands of Trollocs before Verin's rains washed away all the tracks.

Dannil Lewin comes up and announces that Lord Luc and Lady Faile have arrived. They tell Perrin that hundreds have congregated in Emond's Field including the Aes Sedai and the Warder. Faile passes on a report from Loial that Alanna disappeared twice without warning, once without even Ihvon knowing.[1] She also notes that Luc has bragged that he has a claim on a Borderlands throne.[2] Perrin notes that Luc smells cold and barely human.[3] Luc tries to talk all of them into going to Emond's Field telling them how comfortable he is at the Winespring Inn. Kenley Ahan, Wil al'Seen and some others waver but decide to stay with Perrin.

Gaul, Bain and Chiad come into the camp. Gaul reports that he found a band of Trollocs to the south marching in a straight line. Perrin plans to go after them and invites Luc to come along. He declines and leaves. Perrin organizes his force. Ban al'Seen and Dannil Lewin each lead half while Kenley Ahan, Bili al'Dai, Wil al'Seen and others each led groups of ten. Perrin rides Stepper and Faile rides Swallow as they head south. They set up an attack where they expect the Trollocs to arrive. Without warning, the Trollocs attack them from behind. It was a trap. Perrin's men fight valiantly, but many are killed. Perrin is wounded with an arrow. A Fade appears and nearly kills Perrin, but Ihvon arrives at the last moment and kills it. He says Alanna sent him to find Perrin.[4] He says there were about a hundred Trollocs. Perrin rallies his force and takes count. There are twenty-seven missing including Kenley Ahan, Bili al'Dai, Teven Marwin, Colly Garren, Jared Aydaer, Dael al'Taron and Ren Chandin.[5] Ban al'Seen and Wil al'Seen help organize the survivors and they head out to find shelter for the night. Perrin thinks a drunk Bili Congar would make a better leader than he was. They head west out of the Waterwood then begin looking for a farm. After about a mile they hear music.

More Perrin POV

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] What was she up to?
[#2] His Isam side coming through
[#3] Luc and Slayer both smell cold, but the smell is different. (TSR,Ch53)
[#4] Why did Alanna send Ihvon?
[#5] Also among the dead are Had, Haral, Hu and Tim. (TSR,Ch43)

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