TSR: Playing With Fire

Egwene POV#

The next morning Egwene and Elayne pay a call on Rand. Gaul, the leader of the Stone Dogs guarding the door, tells them he is in a foul mood and that he already threw High Lord Torean across the room. Mangin is another of the guards. Egwene has barely spoken to Rand in passing in the last two weeks and wonders how much he has changed. They enter Rand's room where he is reading a book. At first he is suspicious of their motives. Egwene tells him the Tairens may think he is high and mighty, but she remembers when Nynaeve switched Mat and him for stealing apple brandy. He reminds her of an equally embarrassing moment. She changes the subject to the supposed reason for their visit, to give him a lesson in channeling. He thinks this is some plot of Moiraine's, but they convince him that it is not. They talk over his head for a few moments. He pinches them and Elayne pinches him back much harder. They experiment a bit and determine that he gets goose bumps when they channel saidar. Egwene probes the wound in Rand's side and recoils. It feels like all the evil in the world. They feel nothing at all when he channels. They press him and he finally gets angry and loses control. She realizes he is far stronger than she and Elayne combined. He apologizes and they try again. They compare how they embrace saidar with how he seizes saidin and realize it is completely different. They compare how they handle Fire and that is completely different as well. Sheriam had to Heal Elayne when she tried to handle Fire the male way. They all agree that they made little progress. Egwene changes the subject and tells Rand she does not love him. He admits that he no longer loves her either. They are both somewhat relieved. Egwene then leaves Rand and Elayne alone.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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