ToM: Talk of Dragons

Mat POV#

Mat is dressed to meet Elayne in a grubby coat. He finally shaved and wonders how Perrin can stand a beard. Olver runs up. Setalle and two Redarms, Lussin and Edder, are taking him into the city. Olver wants to strategize on the snakes and foxes. Mat regrets talking about Moiraine's rescue in front of him. Olver says he has already talked to Noal, Thom and Talmanes. So now everyone in camp probably knows what is happening. Riding Pips, Mat joins Thom, Talmanes and fifty Redarms to ride into Caemlyn. Thom is dressed formally like a court bard. Mat is feeling out of place now and wishes Lopin were still around to set out proper clothes for him. Thom chides Mat for dressing poorly now that he is a noble. Mat cuts him off when he starts to repeat what Musenge called him.[1] Mat says Tuon is from Seanchan and who knows how things work there. Mat has Aludra's papers with him.

They march through the New City into the Inner City and to the Royal Palace. Charlz Guybon meets them as escort and leads them in. He is intrigued by rumors that he heard about Mat. Mat allows that he killed Couladin. They all believe that Morgase is dead now. Birgitte is with Elayne. Elayne cries and hugs Thom and thanks Mat for bringing him back. Mat is shocked that she is pregnant and that Rand is the father. He tells them that Olver is fine as well. Thom tells the story of the capture of Tuon and their escape with Valan Luca's circus. Mat asks if she has seen Verin. He needs someone to make a gateway for them to the Tower of Ghenjei. Mat asks about bellfounders and resources. Elayne thinks he is mad until she and Birgitte understand the impact of the dragons. They are sold. There is dickering to be done as Mat wants the dragons for the Band while Elayne thinks that Andor will own them. Thom grins while they argue. Elayne also offers a commission to the Band. They finally agree on a contact for the Band, the band gets one out of four dragons if they leave, and Mat lets Elayne have the foxhead medallion to study for three days. He feels naked without it with the gholam still around. He warns her about it. He is shocked again that she thinks she can copy it. She plans to Travel to Cairhien soon and Mat immediately realizes that that means the Sun Throne. She invites them to dinner. Talmanes and Dyelin will come as well. She also offers Thom a commission as official court bard. The commission includes a pardon for all crimes that he may have committed in Andor or Cairhien.[2] Elayne has an appointment with her midwife[3] before dinner. She plans to give Mat a title. At least he did not have the audacity to claim one for himself as Perrin did.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] According to Musenge, who would know, Mat is now officially Prince of the Ravens. (KoD,Ch37)
[#2] Elayne somehow learned or figured out that Thom killed King Galldrian.
[#3] Melfane

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