ToM: Some Tea

Galad POV#

Galad and Perrin talk after the battle as dawn nears. Galad still does not completely trust Perrin but he is coming to like and respect him. Perrin relates the Asha'man's claim that the taint on the One Power is now gone but he does not take offense when Galad is skeptical. Galad is allowing Healing, following advice from Gareth Bryne. Perrin says Galad and his men owe their lives to Grady and Neald and Galad must agree. Galad says a quick prayer beside the body of Ranun Sinah.

They discuss Galad's plans, to move on into Andor, when Perrin suddenly responds to a sound. Under some dead Trollocs, Perrin finds Jerum Nus, still barely alive. They take him back to camp and one of the Wise Ones Heals him.[1] Perrin offers to make a gateway for Galad and his men, though they will not accept it easily. Perrin offers to take the Whitecloaks to fight in the Last Battle, but only if they swear to obey him. Galad remarks how absurd such a request is from a convicted killer, but Perrin is adamant. Galad finally agrees. What swayed him was the compassion that Perrin showed Jerum Nus. No Darkfriend could feign that. Perrin asks if Galad ever thought about why they met up. Galad says it was because the Light brought Perrin to their justice. Perrin says no, apparently he will need Galad. [2]

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Alliandre POV#

Alliandre folds bandages and passes them to Niagen. Lacile is still taken with him. She listens in while Faile and Berelain talk. She is suspicious of their new friendship which, to her, is obviously feigned. She hopes they will ignore her as irrelevant. Berelain leaves, clearly irritated, and Alliandre goes to talk to Faile. Faile says Berelain does not like being wrong about men.[3] Perrin returns and Alliandre leaves him and Faile to talk. She goes back to Berelain in a much more controlled mood. She intentionally showed irritation so Faile would think she was beaten. Alliandre admires her cleverness. She talks of opportunities for marriage to secure the safety of Mayene. Love is not a factor for rulers. Galad arrives. Berelain is blatantly smitten again and Alliandre smiles at the irony. At least this will take the Whitecloaks away from Ghealdan. She returns to rolling bandages, surreptitiously stealing a beautiful blue silk shirt that will make a nice scarf.[4]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It seems the Wise Ones have been learning from the Aes Sedai.
[#2] A fitting and quite satisfying end to the conflict between Perrin and the Whitecloaks.
[#3] Her assumption that Perrin intended to wipe out the Whitecloaks rather than save them.
[#4] Our first POV from Alliandre and a curious picture indeed. A ruler loyal to her country, but devious and self-serving as well.

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