WH: Leaving the Prophet

Perrin POV#

Perrin, Elyas, Grady, Aram, Seonid, Masuri and the two Wise Ones[1] leave their meeting with Masema in his house in Abila. Colors swirl in his head when he thinks of Rand. Perrin is furious because Masema insists on traveling all the way to Cairhien by horse. At least he agreed to bring only a hundred of his men. They join Neald and the three Warder[2] and head out of town. Balwer rejoins them just before they leave town. Balwer reports that King Ailron and the army of Amadicia were defeated by the Seanchan ten days ago at the town of Jeramel a hundred miles west. Valda and the Whitecloaks escaped and are probably headed east. The Seanchan lost a major battle in southern Altara involving channeling and were driven back to Ebou Dar. As they ride back to camp, Perrin sees a hawk and thinks how much he loves Faile.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Edarra and Carelle.
[#2] Furen Alharra, Teryl Wynter and Rovair Kirklin.

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