WH: A Matter of Property

Egeanin Tamarath POV#

Egeanin and Domon are in their room at The Wandering Woman.

After they left Tanchico, they sailed to Cantorin on the Seahawk where they were stopped by a Seanchan ship. Egeanin kept them from being sold by saying they had a gift for Suroth, the sad bracelets. The Seekers seemed to already know about their ship and that they had the sad bracelets. Domon argued and so was put up for sale. Egeanin had to buy him and make him so'jhin. Egeanin was promoted to the Blood and Captain of the Green. Domon wants to get married but she would have to free him first.

There is a knock on the door and Bethamin enters. She spills her guts about the Seeker. Egeanin orders her to visit every day, then Bethamin leaves. Egeanin orders Domon to leave but he refuses. Domon says he can find her a crew. He recognized Mat Cauthon in the kitchen and Thom Merrilin was with him before. Egeanin remembers Thom and agrees to let Domon try to find them.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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