ACoS: A Morning of Victory

Egwene POV#

Egwene, Gareth Bryne, Siuan, and Myrelle cross the river Reisendrelle River. Egwene rides Daishar.[1] They see some of Talmanes' foragers. Bryne comments that Talmanes is concerned about Egwene. Myrelle is outraged that he talked to someone she considers an enemy. Egwene is angry, too.[2] They have seen murder and anarchy all across Altara and have heard stories of the same in Tarabon and Arad Doman. She is startled when Bryne tells her Mat's army is now up to ten thousand. She thought it was half that at Salidar. Some of the sisters still see Bryne's army as a Foolday mask to frighten Elaida. Both Siuan and Myrelle are poor at Healing. They pass some of Bryne's foragers. After three or four miles, Bryne takes them to a merchant caravan from Caemlyn. Bryne is cautious because of Myrelle, but Egwene tells him that she has her complete trust. Bryne conveys the rumor from the merchants that Rand bowed to Elaida. Siuan and Myrelle are both shocked. He is very worried how the rumor will affect his troops. Egwene tells Bryne that she knows for a fact that it is not true and that Myrelle, Sheriam, Carlinya, Beonin, Anaiya and Morvrin will announce the truth tomorrow. Siuan and Myrelle both look relieved. She sends Bryne back and they continue on.

Shortly after, Myrelle cracks and starts to babble. Moiraine asked Myrelle to take Lan's bond. They were friends and Myrelle hates seeing Warder die. Siuan tells her she should not have tried to buy coin peppers, popular in Shienar and Malkier, this far south. Soon they reach a camp. Besides Lan, Nisao Dachen is there with her Warder, Sarin Hoigan, and Myrelle's Warder, Croi Makin, Nuhel Dromand and Avar Hachami. Nicola and Areina are there, too. Avar and Nuhel were bonded to Aes Sedai who died. Myrelle is the only one to save two in centuries. That is the reason Moiraine passed Lan to her. Nisao is interested in mind healing. Egwene has asked about the effect because she plans to bond Gawyn. Siuan still weeps for Alric. Myrelle says she will pass Lan to Nynaeve. They have had him two weeks, twenty days. Myrelle says she began readying Nynaeve as soon as she felt the bond pass.[3] Nisao knows what Lan was like as a boy.[4] Areina and Nicola were blackmailing Myrelle and Nisao. Areina wanted to be near Lan and Nicola wanted extra lessons. She has visions of being the next Caraighan or Moiraine. Egwene tells Lan to take care of Nynaeve, Queen Tylin's guest at the Tarasin Palace, and Skims him to five or six days north of Ebou Dar; he says he can make it faster. As she opens the gateway at the other end, Egwene thinks how Moghedien was frightened of even the idea of trying to open a gateway at the back end of the platform. When she returns, Egwene sends off Nicola and Areina and makes Nisao and Myrelle swear fealty.

As they return to camp, Egwene plans to make the rest of Sheriam's group swear as well.[5] Siuan suggests killing Nicola and Areina but Egwene refuses. Back in her tent there are two notes. Romanda demands that all Aes Sedai be questioned about the Black Ajah. Lelaine demands that all mention of the Black Ajah be outlawed. There have been six mutinies in the secret history of the Tower all leading to the resignation of the Amyrlin and the entire Hall. Lelaine was a Sitter for forty years. Before she resigned to go into retreat Romanda was Sitter even longer. Her headache is worse. Halima Saranov arrives with a note from Delana. She is putting before the Hall a motion to declare Elaida Black Ajah because of Halima's account from Cabriana. Egwene's headaches began the day after Logain escaped, the first time she talked to Halima.[6] She thinks Southharbor and Northharbor are the keys to Tar Valon. Every sister must be tested for ability to work with metals and ores.[7] Halima eases her headache with a massage.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] And Gareth Bryne rides Traveler.
[#2] No one is supposed to know that she has communicated with Talmanes.
[#3] Myrelle began pressing Nynaeve harder about breaking her block. She told Theodrin to put special effort into it. (LoC,Ch7, LoC,Ch8)
[#4] Is there any other evidence of this?
[#5] Using the leverage that Sheriam's group kept information from the Hall because they feared Black Ajah infiltration.
[#6] A connection between Halima and the headaches.
[#7] With ACoS,Ch11 footnote 6, this is the first hint of the nature of Egwene's plan for taking Tar Valon. (CoT,Ch30)

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