AMoL: A Dangerous Place

Androl POV#

Androl, Pevara and Evin go to The Great Gathering, (ex-warehouse, respectable bar and stools, seating for dozens. Good library. Second floor has private dining room and sleeping rooms for visitors) the Black Tower inn run by Lind Taglien[1] and her husband Frask. Frask was hired to help Henre Haslin teach the sword. Evin joins Nalaam. Welyn announces that Logain and Taim have mended their differences and are planning the Last Battle with Rand. Jenare is with him. There are lots of new recruits there. Jonneth Dowtry wants to know why Logain has not returned. Welyn says they will be back in a day or two. Androl thinks the Two Rivers lads are honest but not subtle. Androl seeks the void and Pevara tells him that it is now harder to sense his thoughts. Jonneth leaves and Androl nods for Evin to accompany him. Androl, Nalaam and Canler prepare to leave but Atal Mishraile blocks the way. He does not have the blank eyes of Welyn; he joined Taim on his own. Mezar enters next and Welyn asks him to tell about defenses in Arafel. Coteren then enters and tells Androl that he has been demoted back to soldier. After trying to hold the One Power but panicking at the shadows, Androl drops his sword pin and leaves with Nalaam, Canler and Pevara. Androl says that they must have Logain hidden somewhere in the Black Tower. They will find him and rescue him tonight.

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Rand POV#

Rand works on his document for tomorrow. Since Dragonmount he no longer gets sick seizing saidin. He used to think of himself and saidin only as weapons but now he wants to learn Healing from Flinn. Tam is still at Perrin's camp. He does not want any special treatment. He wrote the document himself. He has been even more distrustful since Semirhage captured him but it is difficult to let go. He can feel that the three women nearby are up to something. Alanna is still to the north. He opens the tent flap to find Aviendha and the Maidens nearby begin shouting insults. She says that she, Min and Elayne are all now first-sisters. He says he does not want them to experience his pain but Aviendha says they demand it. She is now a Wise One. Rand wanted to get some sleep tonight but it looks like that will not happen. He takes her into the tent as the Maidens shout louder.

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Pevara POV#

Androl and Pevara are hiding in a storeroom. She suspects Taim has some sort of ter'angreal that he got from one of the Forsaken that is blocking Traveling. They are getting used to feeling each other's thoughts. Canler's wife, Leish, checks in to let them know the time. Shortly Dobser, one of the men with blank eyes, enters. Evin told him that Leish left the storeroom unlocked and it had some wine. Pevara shields him and ties him up with Air. Welyn and Leems surprise them. Dobser must have told them the story about the wine. Pevara fights them and holds them until Androl can knock them out. She is woozy from a blow to the head. Androl is amazed at what she did but she reminds him what the Red Ajah is trained for. While they wait for Emarin and the others, he tends to her head as he tells her the story of apprenticing to a Wise Woman in Mayene after he could not save a friend Sayer from a fever.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#