Season 1 - Blood Calls Blood

Scenes are as identified by the TV series. The non-story scenes are listed first.

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Scene 3 - Burials#

All of the dead combatants, from both sides, are buried in two concentric circles in a field. Lan places the King of Ghealdan in a grave, along with his helmet. Stepin carries Kerene to her grave. He takes her ring and places it on a necklace. Moiraine places a lit candle atop Kerene's body.

Scene 5 - One Month Later#

Everyone from the Aes Sedai camp is riding/walking to Tar Valon. Stepin is guiding Kerene's horse, which has boots backwards in the stirrups.[1] Logain is chained and sitting on a horse. Moiraine and Lan talk about what it's like to be back at the White Tower. Moiraine wonders if Nynaeve is ready for the White Tower. Lan tells her that Nynaeve is worried about Stepin. They all pass by a guiding stone.[2] Moiraine and Lan wonder if the other four Two Rivers folk are already here.

Scene 6 - I've Seen That Mountain#

Rand and Mat are walking with other people on a path to Tar Valon. A boy runs too close to Mat and he yells at the boy, who runs away. They pass a guiding stone.[3] Rand sees a mountain in the distance and says that he thinks he's seen it before. Mat follows him up a small hill and they have a better look at the mountain, plus now see Tar Valon and the White Tower.

A while later, they enter the city. Walking through the throng, Rand gets a sample of some food, which he likes, but Mat says he's not hungry. They head for an inn that Thom told Rand about, The Light's Blessing, and get a room.[4] Rand is amazed how expensive the room is. Mat goes directly to a bed and lies down. Rand reassures Mat that he didn't kill any of the Grinwells and that it was the Fade that did it.

Scene 7 - Warders Quarters#

Moiraine, Lan and Nynaeve enter the Warder' quarters in the White Tower. Moiraine starts talking about the Amyrlin Seat, but Nynaeve interrupts and wants to know where the other Two Rivers folk are. Moiraine warns her about Tower politics. Nynaeve responds that maybe the Aes Sedai should be afraid of her. Moiraine and Lan exchange looks and Lan leaves the room.

Scene 8 - It's All Right To Be Afraid#

Moiraine explains to Nynaeve that it's all right to be afraid, considering she's now touched the True Source and knows its size and also knows her power compared to others. It's a whole new world for her, just as it was for Moiraine when she first touched the True Source.

Scene 9 - Violence Is In Us All#

The TuathaAn are getting closer to Tar Valon. They pass a guiding stone.[5] The TuathaAn' dogs are eating some deer that they killed. Perrin wonders why they let the dogs kill when they preach nonviolence. Aram explains that the Way of the Leaf is about accepting, not denying, that violence is in us all.

Egwene joins them and shows them that they're within sight of the White Tower. The caravan comes to a halt and they discover that the Whitecloaks have stopped them. Eamon Valda is asking them about the false Dragon. Valda then spots Perrin and Egwene and tells his men to bring them to him. Ila and the rest of the TuathaAn stop them by linking arms together. The Whitecloaks respond by pummeling the TuathaAn.

Scene 10 - Run From The Whitecloaks#

Aram leads Perrin and Egwene away from the caravan and the Whitecloaks. A trio of Whitecloak horsemen knock Aram unconscious and surround Perrin and Egwene.

Scene 11 - A Library#

Rand is in a library. He pulls the Karaethon Prophecies off of a shelf[6]. Loial stands up to greet him, but Rand pulls his sword on him. Loial then talks about how excitable humans are and how several of them chased him across town. He mentioned that he left a stedding and then Rand realizes that Loial is an Ogier. They then introduce themselves to each other. Loial remarks that it's exciting to meet an Aiel, but Rand denies that he is one. Rand then picks up a book named "The Travels of Jain Farstrider" and talks about how Egwene used to read it every day. He then hears bells outside. Loial explains that the Aes Sedai are parading Logain through the streets. Rand sees Mat walking on the street below and excuses himself to go catch up with Mat.

Scene 12 - Prisoner Parade#

Rand is walking down the street trying to spot Mat. He finally sees him on a balcony and goes up to join him. Mat is looking down on the street.[7] The parade passes by, with onlookers gasping when they see the riderless horse lead by Stepin. Logain is finally visible in a cage on a wagon. Alanna and Liandrin are sitting on seats on the wagon behind the cage. People are throwing food at Logain, who is slumped in his cage. Mat sees Logain looking up at him and laughing maniacally. Rand tries to get Mat's attention. Mat looks over at Rand and then back down at Logain, who is slumped in his cage.[8]

Scene 13 - A Deal#

While up on the balcony after Logain has passed by, Mat and Rand make a deal with each other that if either of them start to channel then the other one won't let him end up like Logain.

Scene 14 - How I Met My Aes Sedai#

Stepin is being helped into his ceremonial outfit for Kerene's ring by Ihvon and Maksim when Lan walks into the room. Stepin tells the story of how he became Kerene's warder. He kept picking fights, until he met Kerene, who laughed at him and then bought him a drink. They became friends, and when it was time for her to choose a Warder, she chose him. Maksim tells him that his dad tried to kill him when he was twelve and that the White Tower gave him the first real family he ever had. Lan mentions that Alanna is willing to bond him, but Stepin replies that Lan should wait until something similar happens to him before giving advice.[9] The three escort Stepin outside the room and through the Warders' hall, where other Warder are lining the way.

Scene 15 - Ring Ceremony#

Stepin walks out onto an open area high in the White Tower. He approaches an open furnace containing molten metal. He kisses Kerene's ring and then drops it in the furnace where it melts completely away.

Scene 16 - Silent Conversation#

Lan enters Moiraine's room where Moiraine is sitting in a chair. He kneels next to her and puts his arm atop her arm. They both stare at each other in silent conversation.

Scene 17 - Purification#

Inside a Whitecloak tent, several Whitecloaks are scrubbing Egwene. They undo her braid and comb it straight. They take off her regular clothes and put on a white robe. Eamon Valda is approaching the tent. They trim and clean her fingernails. On Valda's command, they put her in a chair and bind her hands, all the while Valda is eating a meal. They next bring Perrin in. His hands are bound and he is gagged. They then bind him to some device. Valda admits that Egwene is not who he thought she was, as she hasn't channeled already. Valda tells her that another Aes Sedai mentioned that the channelling hand gestures were just a crutch. Egwene tells him that she cannot channel. Valda accepts that she's not Aes Sedai, but wonders why the Light brought them to him twice. He says that he knows that she can touch the One Power.[10] He threatens to kill her, but Egwene calls his bluff. He says that she would have made a strong Aes Sedai.[10] He points out his collection of Aes Sedai rings. He cleans a knife with wine and starts slicing Perrin's back. Wolves howl in the distance and Perrin's eyes turn golden. Valda is convinced that the One Power only comes from the Dark One, which is why his goal is to kill all the Aes Sedai. Valda gives Egwene a choice: if she channels, he will kill her and let Perrin go, or don't channel and Perrin dies and she is let go. Valda leaves to let them talk.

Scene 18 - The Pain Will Never Go Away#

There's a knock on Nynaeve's door. It's Stepin, with a half bottle of wine, asking if she has anymore of the sleeping tea. He tells her that the pain is the only thing he has left of Kerene, so he's not ready to let go of it yet. Nynaeve promises him that the pain will never go away, gives him the tea packet, and he leaves.

Scene 19 - Persimmons#

Nynaeve ventures outside her room and ends up in the Warder' Hall. Liandrin finds her there. They talk about the Red Ajah not having Warder, usually. Liandrin talks about men in control not being kind to girls who show signs of greatness. Liandrin then points out the direction to the library and the gardens beyond that.

Scene 20 - A Distinct Rite of Passage#

Loial knocks on Rand's door and then enters. He asks Rand whether he knew that Ogier had access to the White Tower grounds. He say he went there and found his friend. Nynaeve comes barging into the room. They hug and Loial continues, explaining that the braid was how he knew to identify her. Rand tells Nynaeve that he thinks Perrin and Egwene are on their way. She tries to help Mat, but he yells at her not to touch him.

Scene 21 - Breakbone Fever#

Rand and Nynaeve are in the hallway outside the room. Rand tells her that he thinks Mat can channel. He doesn't trust Moiraine. Nynaeve says that they don't need the Aes Sedai, that they can deal with it together once Perrin and Egwene arrive. Rand mentions that he hasn't seen Egwene in a month. Nynaeve reassures him that she's alive and then tells the story of Egwene having breakbone fever as a child. It causes muscles to cramp and can be fatal and usually just before death the victim's arms and legs snap in half. Egwene's parents brought her to the old Wisdom for treatment, but the Wisdom didn't know what to do. That night Egwene fought the fever and in the morning, the fever had broken.[12] Nynaeve calls Egwene unbreakable.

Scene 22 - This Is What I Deserve#

In the Whitecloak tent, Egwene is straining to channel, but can't. Perrin tells Egwene what really happened to Laila in order to explain why, of the two of them, he deserves to die. Valda enters and asks if they've made a choice. Neither of them say anything, so Valda starts slicing Perrin again. Wolves start howling in the distance. Egwene calms herself and tries to channel. Valda stops slicing Perrin and watches Egwene. She manages to channel a small fireball at Valda and also starts burning the ropes that bind Perrin's hands. Perrin breaks free and starts heading towards Valda, his eyes golden. Egwene comes up behind Valda and stabs him in the shoulder and he falls to the floor.[13] Men start yelling and wolves start snarling outside the tent. Egwene grabs Valda's set of Aes Sedai rings and they both leave the tent. Outside the tent, wolves are attacking the Whitecloaks. They are almost away when another wolf stops in front of them. Perrin tells Egwene not to worry because the wolf won't hurt them.

Scene 23 - Who Will Guide Her?#

Moiraine is walking down a hall in the White Tower. Two novices in white pass her in the opposite direction. Liandrin catches up to her and they talk about Nynaeve becoming a novice and which Ajah she will eventually pick.

Scene 24 - Warding Off The Forsaken#

Stepin has set up a shrine for the Forsaken in his room. We see eight figurines which belonged to his mother. He is making offerings in order to ward off the Forsaken, specifically Ishamael, the Father of Lies.[14] Lan tells about the Forsaken selling their souls to the Dark One for eternal life, and that the last Dragon sealed them away. Lan tells Stepin that he'll stay with him until morning.

Scene 25 - Out For Blood#

Moiraine and Alanna are in Moiraine's room. Alanna has offered Stepin a chance to bond with her. Alanna says that it's almost like Stepin swallowed Kerene's death. Moiraine hints that she's thinking of releasing Lan from his bond, but Alanna reassures her that she'll be around for long time.

Alanna tells Moiraine that the Amyrlin is returning from Caemlyn and has summoned the two of them to the Hall to answer for Logain. Siuan Sanche is looking for someone to blame. Alanna talks about Moiraine being one of the few Aes Sedai who is strong enough to challenge the Amyrlin, but Moiraine does not want to be the Amyrlin. Liandrin is gaining influence in the White Tower. After Alanna leaves, Moiraine goes to a wall plaque, opens its door and looks at the illustration inside.

Scene 26 - Tea#

Stepin is pouring Lan a cup of tea. Stepin and Lan are discussing whether or not Stepin will accept Alanna's offer of bonding. They move on to talking about Nynaeve. Lan wakes up in the morning with the tea cup still in his hand, empty. Stepin is not in the room. Lan sees the empty envelope that Nynaeve gave Stepin and then sees that a dagger is missing from a display. He races out of the room to find Stepin. He finds Stepin in a hallway, dead from a self-inflicted stab wound using the missing dagger.[15]

Scene 27 - Relieve Us Of Our Grief#

Warder are gathered in a room, all dressed in white. Alanna, Moiraine and Nynaeve are also there, dressed in white. Stepin's body, in white, is on a table. One Warder is chanting. The lead Warder calls on Lan to lay his hand on Stepin's body and to relieve all the Warder of their grief.[16] Lan kneels down and places his left hand on Stepin's body. The Warder start to pound their right hands on their chests. Lan looks at Moiraine and then starts to pound his chest with his right hand. Lan, and Lan alone, starts yelling in grief. Nynaeve looks uncomfortable and at the point of tears.

Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[1] A riderless horse is an historic tradition.
[2] This has been translated:

Image and transcription courtesy of MTtheGrammarian and also Kylara at Wiki_of_Time.
[3] This has been translated:
Image and transcription courtesy of MTtheGrammarian and also and Kylara at Wiki_of_Time.
[4] Padan Fain can be seen in passing in a doorway and you can also see the back of his cloak as the boys enter the inn.

[5] This has been translated:
Image and transcription courtesy of MTtheGrammarian and also Kylara at Wiki_of_Time.
[6] Why did Rand pick that book? The page he opened it to has a drawing of a dragon.

[7] Padan Fain is in the building across the street.
[8] A nod to a similar scene in the books. (TEotW,Ch39). Also, it appears that the laughing was all in Mat's head.
[9] Foreshadowing?
[10] How? Is he just guessing? Does he have an *angreal?
[11] Foreshadowing?
[12] There's a theory that this is Nynaeve's first Healing.
[13] How did she escape? She must have burned her own ropes as well, offscreen.
[14] The same Forsaken that Dana mentioned in Episode 102.
[15] Note that Stepin stabbed himself in the same spot as the wound on Kerene
[16] Note that this was a command by the lead Warder, not a request, and Lan fulfilled the command to the best of his ability.