KoD: A Manufactory

Perrin POV#

Tallanvor mediates three days of discussions between Perrin and Banner-General Tylee Khirgan. In the end she agrees that Perrin's plan for rescuing Faile and getting rid of the Shaido is the best. The Seanchan are extremely touchy about protocol. To start the plan, Neald opens a gateway from Perrin's camp to the town of Almizar in southwest Amadicia. Perrin rides Stayer accompanied by Balwer and twelve of Faile's followers. He did not bring Aram because he will blab to Masema. Khirgan is accompanied by Mishima, a sul'dam and damane, and twelve Seanchan soldiers.

Faile has been prisoner fifty-one days. Perrin is sure she must be alive because Alyse is protecting her.[1] Perrin thinks of Mat and sees an image of him riding into a forest. There are numerous Tinker caravans camped near the town.[2] Elyas told him that such large gatherings are rare except at their annual Sunday meeting. Neald scoffs at the TuathaAn for cowards but Perrin defends them telling how they protected the children when Trollocs attacked Emond's Field.

Balwer and Medore slip away to scout the town. There is a raken landing field just north of town. Carlon Belcelona holds Stayer and Perrin and the Seanchan enter a large farmhouse that serves as the Seanchan military headquarters. The commander is Captain Blasic Faloun.

As Khirgan asks to speak with him in private, a clerk named Mehtan vomits beetles until only his skin is left. Everyone is in terror shouting that it is Soulblinder's work. Faloun orders another clerk, Atal, to clean up the mess then escorts the newcomers to his office. Khirgan demands some of his fliers and, after Perrin shows Suroth's letter, they agree on four raken and twelve morat'raken. Faloun also happens to have a fine map of Altara that he gives them.

Camaille and Barmanes wait for Perrin outside. Now they head into town to get forkroot and a'dam. Balwer has not yet learned who rules Amadicia now that Ailron is dead. There are Hunters of the Horn in town. Perrin recalls that Moiraine had the Horn of Valere carried to the White Tower. A man notices Perrin's eyes and darts away.[3] Khirgan leads them to a stone stable. Perrin and Khirgan enter. It is a forkroot manufactory. Using Suroth's letter they convince the Seanchan noble in charge to give them all the prepared forkroot, almost five thousand pounds. As they leave, Perrin turns in his saddle just as an arrow glances off his chest and pierces his arm.[3] Mishima takes off for the men on top of a nearby building. Camaille and Barmanes remove the arrow and Khirgan apologizes for not protecting him better. Neald comes forward but Perrin tells him to wait till later. Khirgan is shocked that he would let someone use the One Power on him. Mishima returns. The men on the roof took poison and are already dead. Perrin thinks it might be the Forsaken. They head for an inn so Neald can Heal Perrin.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Misplaced faith, as Galina plans to kill Faile. (KoD,Prologue)
[#2] The TuathaAn feel protected by the Seanchan rule. (KoD,Ch8)
[#3] Darkfriends ordered to kill Perrin and Mat. (KoD,Ch3)

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