KoD: Siege

Elayne POV#

Elayne rides Fireheart with Aviendha, Queen's Guards led by Lieutenant Caseille and four of the Kin including Alise, Caiden and Kumiko. Aviendha's horse is Mageen, Daisy in the Old Tongue. Birgitte leads the defense as Arymilla's men attack the walls of Caemlyn. Whenever an attack begins the Kin make a gateway to bring soldiers to the point of attack. Elayne thinks the siege has not given her time to mourn Morgase and Lini, dead at the hands of Rahvin.[1]

When Arymilla's force begins to withdraw Elayne rides forward to the wall and climbs to the top of the tower near Birgitte. Aviendha and the Queen's Guards follow. Elayne believes she is not in danger because of Min's viewing that her babies will be born healthy. Birgitte orders the mercenaries to kill the fleeing attackers but they do not readily respond. The head of the mercenaries, Rhys a'Balaman, knows Aldin Miheres, who headed the attacking force. He explains that mercenaries will not pursue retreating foes because their positions may be reversed in the next battle. Mistress Harfor learned that Arymilla is trying to bribe some mercenaries.

Elayne wishes she know how Mat, Thom and Olver are doing. She wishes she had Gareth Bryne but she knows Egwene needs him. A huge thunderstorm appears out of nowhere directly above the Inner City blocking view of the Royal Palace.[2] Aviendha weaves Air, Fire, Water and Earth to slowly disperse the storm. Soon it is an ordinary rain. The Kin women open a gateway back to the main stableyard and everyone rides through. Several of the Kin have run away recently.[3] Elayne thinks Nynaeve put too much backbone into them.

In the stableyard another gateway is open and Queen's Guards ride through led by Lieutenant Charlz Guybon. Captain Kindlin in Aringill let him come to Caemlyn after Naean and the others escaped. He recruited men discharged by Gaebril and other loyal armsmen on the way, nearly ten thousand total. Mistress Zigane of the Kin found them and brought them by gateway. Elayne is delighted and promotes him to Captain. Birgitte makes him her second in command. They all go inside to dry off.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Of course they are still alive, but very few know this.
[#2] This appears to be another random, bizarre event rather than an intentional attack of some sort.
[#3] Not run away. They were murdered. (KoD,Ch17)

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