LoC: Lessons and Teachers

Verin Mathwin POV#

After Rand leaves, Verin thinks that she warned Siuan and Moiraine that Rand was dangerous over a year ago. She thinks Siuan is stilled and dead. She does not know what happened to Moiraine, but she is probably dead, too. Now her seventy years of delicate work might go for naught because of Rand, but she has been through too much to be dismayed.[1] This is not her first time to confront a man who could channel.[2] She really wants to know where Mat is.[3] Verin asks a serving maid, Azril, to get tea with brandy for the girls to calm them down. She and Alanna order the girls, Bodewhin Cauthon, Larine Ayellin, Jancy Torfinn, and Elle[4] to go upstairs to bed. Alanna weaves Illusion with Air and Fire to encourage them.[5] Tomas helps calm down Master Dilham.

Ihvon keeps an eye on Alanna. He has been particularly solicitous of her since Owein's death. It took Verin ten years to get over Balinor's death and bond Tomas.[6] Verin and Alanna go back to the private dining room to discuss the events. Verin manipulates Alanna carefully. She has no intention of leaving either the girls or Rand. She asks Alanna if she can get any more information out of her eyes-and-ears contact about the White Tower. Alanna says no. The message was that all loyal sisters are to return to the White Tower. All is forgiven. Verin asks why Alanna bonded Rand. Alanna replies that she thinks all three boys should have been bonded long ago[7] then she looks embarrassed. Verin recalls that Faile threatened to kill her if she bonded Perrin. Faile evidently did not know the consequences of such an action.[8] Verin thinks bonding without permission has not been done in hundreds of years,[9] but she has broken a few customs herself.[10] They are both astounded at how strong Rand is. Verin proposes a plan with lots of questions. What about Moiraine? What about the rebels? How should they use Alanna's bond? Verin knows the exact answer to some of the questions. Alanna may not like some of the answers, so Verin will not let her know until it is too late to change them.[11]

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Rand POV#

Rand rides Jeade'en back to the Royal Palace at a gallop.[12] He can feel Alanna and Lews Therin laughs at him. From the Grand Hall he Travels to the farm, but he can still feel her. Sora Grady watches his arrival. Taim is giving a lesson to his seven students. Only Jur Grady, Damer Flinn, Eben Hopwil and Fedwin Morr are left from the first testing. One of the new recruits is Jonan Adley. They are using the One Power to blow up rocks with Fire and Earth and to shield themselves. Rand asks Taim where Henre Haslin is. He has been teaching recruits the sword. He was Master of the Sword for the Queen's Guards until Gaebril fired him. Taim sent him away because he thinks swords are a waste of time. Taim is lousy with a sword himself. Rand insists that he bring Henre Haslin back. Rand tells Taim about the Aes Sedai and tells him that Caemlyn is off limits to his recruits. Taim offers to kill them. Rand is concerned about the few recruits and the slowness of their training. Taim replies that some will probably die as it is because he is pushing them so fast.[13] Taim wants to Travel to villages for recruits. Volunteers who do not pass he will send on to Rand to build his own army. He does not trust Bashere or the "so-called Aiel."[14] Taim wagers that he can find more recruits in a day by his method than they currently find in a month. Rand agrees.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] We learn about her delicate project in TGS,Ch39.
[#2] Is she thinking of her earlier encounters with Rand or has she met another man who could channel?
[#3] Both Alanna and Verin seem very concerned with Mat. Why?
[#4] Others are Hilde Barran, Jerilin al'Caar, Marisa Ahan, Emry Lewin, Elise Marwin, Darea Candwin, Susa al'Seen and Marce Eldin. (LoC,Ch10)
[#5] Verin's casual recognition and naming of the weave strongly implies that this form of Illusion is common knowledge among Aes Sedai. Also see LoC,Ch49.
[#6] In early printings this incorrectly reads Ihvon implying that Balinor was Alanna's Warder. This is corrected in more recent printings.
[#7] The bond gives the Aes Sedai some measure of control over her Warder. The Aes Sedai would then have been able to directly control the three boys. She has no idea that the control will not work on Rand. (TPoD,Ch12)
[#8] A Warder usually dies shortly after his Aes Sedai.
[#9] Obviously she has no idea about Elayne bonding Birgitte.
[#10] She has indeed! (TPoD,Prologue, TGS,Ch39)
[#11] More of Verin's mysterious skullduggery. Is she going to take advantage of Alanna's current state to use her Compulsion? (TPoD,Prologue)
[#12] The context implies that he is rushing to try to escape Alanna.
[#13] How does Taim know so much about training if he has only trained one other man himself?
[#14] The "so-called Aiel" line seems to be a tag line for Forsaken. Where would Taim pick this up? See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 1.5.6.

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