LoC: Tellings of the Wheel

Rand POV#

Rand is in the Royal Palace Grand Hall listening to a report from Halwin Norry. He is getting good at Taim's trick of not feeling the heat. He can feel Alanna is still in the New City. Lews Therin whispers to him. Sulin leads the Maidens and Urien leads the Red Shields guarding Rand.

Rand dismisses the clerk when Bashere enters with four nobles, Lady Dyelin of House Taravin, Lord Abelle Pendar of House Pendar, Lady Ellorien of House Traemane and Lord Luan of House Norwelyn.[1] They accepted his invitation after five days and they are clearly angry that he is there. They are as angry as Naean and her group that the Saldaean army is in Andor. Bashere leaves and gai'shain serve a Tunaighan Hills wine. Rand tells them he wants their help and support in Andor, but if they will not help him he will turn to the others in the palace including Arymilla and Lir. Rand reiterates that, now that Morgase is dead, he is holding the throne for Elayne. Dyelin supports Elayne, but Luan[1] and Ellorien are still angry with Morgase and now support Dyelin for the throne. Dyelin says she will support Rand once Elayne is crowned, but they all say they will fight him if it does not happen soon.

Rand dismisses them, but holds Dyelin back because he noticed her looking at him oddly. She asks who his mother is. Thinking of Kari al'Thor, Rand says his mother was Shaiel and his father was Janduin but he grew up in the Two Rivers. Dyelin explains that he looks like Tigraine who disappeared more than twenty-five years ago. She left behind her husband Taringail and her son Galad. There were rumors that Gitara Moroso had a hand in it. Her brother Luc rode north and disappeared a year before. There were rumors that Gitara was responsible for that as well. Rand is shocked realizing that Tigraine was the woman the Aiel found who became Shaiel. She really was his mother. Gitara was counselor to Queen Mordrellen Mantear[2] until her death. After Dyelin leaves Rand thinks about Alanna, but he does not trust her enough to replace Moiraine. He can only trust Elayne, Egwene and Nynaeve.

Bashere enters with one of his soldiers, Hamad. Rand decides he is going to Cairhien. He has not been there in weeks. Bashere says he needs to see a visitor first, he comes from Lord Brend. Hamad leaves, then he and a bunch of soldiers return a few minutes later escorting a man.[3] He is clearly under some kind of compulsion.[4] The man suddenly speaks in a voice Rand recognizes as Sammael's. He offers a truce. He will stay in the south and not attack Rand if Rand agrees not to attack him. Rand can eliminate the rest of the Forsaken, then it will just be him and Sammael on the Day of Return. Rand angrily replies that he calls due Sammael's crimes at Rorn M'doi, Nol Caimaine and Sohadra.[5] No truce with the Forsaken.[6] The man begins bleeding profusely and collapses in a pool of blood.

Aviendha enters and says she must also go to Cairhien to meet with the Wise Ones. Rand wonders again where Aviendha got her necklace.[7] Bashere reminds Rand that he was going to watch the Saldaean cavalry exercise this afternoon[8] but Rand has to get away from Caemlyn.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] In early printings Bashere commits a serious faux pas and introduces Lord Luan as Lord Pelivar. This is corrected in later printings, e.g., the 7th paperback printing.
[#2] Earlier printings incorrectly give her name as Modrellein.
[#3] His name is Andris. (LoC,Ch23)
[#4] Or perhaps a mindtrap?
[#5] Evidently Age of Legends places.
[#6] Sammael will later claim that he has a truce with Rand. (LoC,Ch23) Is he lying or did he misinterpret his emissary's death? See the discussion in the FAQ, Section 1.1.4.
[#7] It was a gift from Egwene. (TFoH,Ch7)
[#8] Practicing for the attack on Illian. (ACoS,Ch41)

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