TFoH: A Departure

Egwene POV#

That night Egwene successfully finds Amys's dream. She also finds other dreams during the night. Melaine dreams of having babies. Bair dreams of her husbands of the past. Aviendha dreams of a giant Rand chasing her. Hadnan Kadere's dreams are dark and lewd. Isendre's dreams are a nightmare of torture.[1] Rand's dream is shielded. Cowinde wakes her before dawn and she prepares for the long journey west to Jangai Pass. Mounted on Mist, she and Amys share a smile about her success during the night. Hadnan Kadere leads his wagon train. Passing the Roof of the Maidens, she sees Isendre laboring in a black robe.[2] Since Egwene is an apprentice Wise One, Aviendha, Adelin, Enaila and Sulin refuse to tell her about business of the Maidens. Rand is standing beside Jeade'en. Jasin Natael, as usual, is dressed well. Rand is making arrangements to rebuild Rhuidean using Ogier from the nearest stedding. Mat is riding Pips. A tall, golden-haired Maiden[3] smiles at him. Moiraine and Lan are nearby. Mat tells Egwene that Rand told Moiraine to be quiet and move aside and Moiraine obeyed. Egwene is stunned and wonders why. She spots Aviendha and goes to talk with her. Aviendha gave her an ivory bracelet and, in turn, Egwene gave her a silver necklace.[4] Aviendha tells her that she is no longer troubled by Rand, but from her dream Egwene knows that this is not true. A crowd gathers around Rand and someone asks if Rand has plans to ever return to the Aiel Waste. Rand cautions the crowd that though he plans to return, one never knows what will happen. Rand leaves a lasting impression by channeling water to the surface so that all the fountains of Rhuidean flow once again. The Aiel are delighted. With that, Rand announces it is time to leave.

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Moiraine POV#

On Aldieb, Moiraine watches as Hadnan Kadere moves his wagons up the street. The twisted red doorway is lashed firmly in the first wagon behind Kadere's. The two remaining seals are also carefully packed in the wagons. There is an escort of Black Eyes lined up on both sides of the wagon train. Moiraine looks back at the plaza where many more One Power items are scattered. She wanted to take more, but they are too large and too many. The three rings are fenced off to prevent anyone from accidentally entering. The second test for women is the same glass columns as the test for clan chief. The first test is the three rings. The three rings show all possible futures based on one's decisions. These visions usually fade until the moment of decision arrives. On Mandarb, Lan expresses concern for Moiraine's attitude. Lan asks why Moiraine agreed to obey Rand. Moiraine explains her need to stay near Rand, to help guide him. In the three rings she saw that sleeping with Rand would have led to disaster. Siuan thought she was arrogant. Lan asks if she knows when Tarmon Gai'don is coming. She replies that a redbird in Seleisin knows as much as she does. Moiraine has arranged for Lan to be with Nynaeve.[5] "She wished she could see what Rand would make of the Aiel in the end."[6]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Probably courtesy of Lanfear.
[#2] She has been declared da'tsang.
[#3] Melindhra
[#4] Rand worries about this necklace for the next two books.
[#5] By passing his bond to Myrelle who, in turn, promised to pass it to Nynaeve.
[#6] Moiraine clearly knows about her pending confrontation with Lanfear. This quote again raises the question of exactly what she knows of her own future. See the discussion on Moiraine in the FAQ, Section 2.2.6.

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