LoC: To Heal Again

Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve shields Logain but he is so strong he can nearly break it. Elayne runs from the room. One of the guards, Beonin's Warder Tervail Dura, sticks his head in and asks if everything is all right. Nynaeve says yes. Logain tells her he will not cause trouble. He tells her of a time in Caemlyn when he saw another man with a glow that meant he would truly shake the world. Logain laughed at the thought.[1] Sheriam enters followed by Romanda, Myrelle, Morvrin, Takima, Lelaine, Janya, Delana, Bharatine, Beonin, Varilin and Nisao.

Sheriam and Myrelle take her to the Little Tower browbeating her all the way. Myrelle tells her the story of an Accepted named Echiko. When Myrelle was a novice, Echiko thought she had learned how to fly and jumped off the White Tower. A dozen Yellow Ajah sisters including Nisao, Dagdara, Shanelle, Therva and Beldemaine follow them into the Little Tower. Carlinya and Beonin bring in Siuan and Leane. Nynaeve realizes the browbeating was to make her angry so she can demonstrate. This makes her furious and she Heals Siuan. After the resulting furor dies down she Heals Leane. It feels different than Healing Logain and she wonders if Healing men and women is always the same.[2] Nynaeve expects praise, but all she gets is critiques from the Aes Sedai. They begin discussing whether or not to gentle Logain again. Outside the Little Tower, Elayne apologizes for letting word spread. Just then, other Yellow Ajah sisters, Larissa Lyndel, Zenare Ghodar, Salita Toranes and Magla Daronos, pounce on Nynaeve demanding demonstrations. Nynaeve wants to scream.

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Siuan Sanche POV#

Afterwards Lelaine and Delana hug Siuan. They were her closest friends besides Moiraine before she became Amyrlin. She sees Gareth Bryne and goes over to tell him she has been Healed. When he does not react suitably, she tries to lift him with Air to demonstrate, but she cannot budge him. She is much weaker than she used to be.[2] She begins crying and suddenly Bryne is concerned and attentive.[3] She asks him to leave and he does. She realizes that the pain she is feeling is the death of Alric. Her bond to him has been recreated. Leane finds Siuan crying. Her Warder, Anjen, died fifteen years ago and she never bonded another. She sympathizes with Siuan and tells her it eventually gets better. They prepare to talk to the Sitters to make sure they are now considered Aes Sedai again. Siuan thinks she should also be reinstated as Amyrlin.

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Elayne POV#

That night, Elayne is getting ready for bed when Nynaeve comes in. The Yellow Ajah has been badgering her all day. Siuan and Leane come in. They met with the Sitters and are now Aes Sedai again.[4] Siuan will stay with the Blue Ajah but Leane will petition to join the Green Ajah. What they really want is for Nynaeve to try Healing them again. Siuan explains the Aes Sedai hierarchy in detail. It mainly depends on strength in the One Power.[5] Nynaeve is too tired to do anything. Siuan tells the girls about last night's meeting with the Wise Ones. The White Tower embassy is in Cairhien meeting with Rand. Egwene was not there, but she will be at the next meeting. Elayne sure Siuan still hiding something.[6] The next morning, Siuan and Leane are back to wake Nynaeve. She tries her Healing again but it has no effect.[2]

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Delana Mosalaine POV#

Early the next morning Siuan meets with Delana. She wants Delana to help her convince Sheriam to let her join them when they meet with the Wise Ones. Delana agrees to help. They were close friends as novice and Accepted. They will play Lelaine and Janya against Romanda to create a situation where Siuan can claim credit for preventing Romanda from taking the dream ter'angreal away from Sheriam and her bunch.

After Siuan leaves, Delana sends her serving woman, Miesa, for some breakfast. There is a knock on the door. It is Lucilde, one of the novices from the White Tower. A woman arrived this morning and Anaiya told Lucilde to bring her to Delana.[7] Lucilde introduces her as Halima Saranov and leaves. Halima gives a Black Ajah signal. She says her story is that she traveled with Cabriana Mecandes. She learned of Salidar and the White Tower's plans for Salidar and the Dragon Reborn. Cabriana and her Warder both died. Halima says she will be Delana's secretary. When Delana starts to argue Halima says she is also known as Aran'gar. Delana Mosalaine has heard that name in her dreams and she is afraid.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This was when Rand was watching him being taken into the Royal Palace. Logain has the Talent to see ta'veren. (TEotW,Ch39)
[#2] Siuan and Leane are both much weaker than they used to be, but Logain seems to be at full strength. Also, the women Damer Flinn Heals are not noted as being any weaker than before. (WH,Ch13) At signings Robert Jordan has confirmed that this is a cross-gender thing. Only saidar can fully restore a man and only saidin can fully restore a woman.
[#3] He is clearly falling in love with her.
[#4] Apparently her request to be made Amyrlin again was received poorly.
[#5] A loud and clear prelude to Elayne taking over leadership in Ebou Dar. (ACoS,Ch30)
[#6] Probably the part about Egwene being summoned.
[#7] Aran'gar would know that Anaiya was a close friend of Cabriana Mecandes. This might explain why she would go to Anaiya in the first place but it does not explain why Anaiya would send Halima on to Delana. This certainly puts Anaiya in a suspicious position.

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