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Cadsuane POV#

Cadsuane is in the sunroom of the Sun Palace. Harine din Togara Two Winds and her Sailmistress, Derah din Selaan Rising Wave, are meeting with her demanding the return of Shalon. Cadsuane is annoyed with the Sea Folk and also annoyed with Dobraine for complaining about the bargain Rafela and Merana made with them. Daigian is there with Eben. Nesune, Sarene, Erian, Beldeine and Elza pass the time by the fireplace. Cadsuane is still puzzled as to why they swore allegiance to Rand. Verin and Sorilea enter; Verin wears a flower brooch. Sorilea gives Verin a small vial and tells her it will help her sleep, but too much can kill.[1] Cadsuane shuts down the blustering Harine and tells Sarene to take the Sea Folk back to their rooms.

Sorilea reports that the last of the nineteen[2] prisoners, Chisaine Nurbaya, Janine Pavlara, Innina Darenhold and Vayelle Kamsa swore to Rand last night. Cadsuane is even more suspicious as they are Red Ajah. Cadsuane thinks one of her bitterest failures was failing to root out the Black Ajah.[3] Another was failing to learn what Moiraine was up to until it was too late. Sorilea goes to the fireplace to lecture the four sisters there. Verin tells Cadsuane that Bera and Kiruna got nowhere questioning Shalon and Ailil, so Verin gave it a try.[4] They were just covering up the fact that they were pillow friends which would cause both of them great embarrassment. Cadsuane tells Verin to let them go, but to have Ailil report on Toram Riatin and Shalon report on the Sea Folk. Cadsuane has already blackmailed the three Asha'man.[5]

Corele then enters. She reports that Damer Healed Irgain. She is back to normal.[6] He wants to try the other two who were stilled by Rand, Ronaille and Sashalle. Irgain is ready to swear loyalty to Rand as well. Cadsuane began gathering sisters she trusted as soon as she heard about the strange events in Shienar. She had eyes-and-ears watching Siuan and Moiraine for years.

Jahar dashes in and announces that Alanna is unconscious. Jahar leads the way to Alanna's room and Cadsuane, Corele, Sorilea and Verin follow.

As they leave, Dobraine comes up. He reports that his armsmen freed Lady Caraline and High Lord Darlin from Lady Arilyn's palace. They are on their way to Tear where Darlin is to be Rand's steward. There is nothing to be done, so Cadsuane goes on. Ihvon and Merise are with Alanna. Corele tries to Heal her but nothing happens. Merise says she already tried Healing and it did not work. Cadsuane trusts Merise more than any of the other sisters with her. Verin looks terrified.[7] Cadsuane says there is nothing to do but sit and wait for her to wake.

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Demandred POV#

Demandred is meeting with Graendal, Osan'gar and Aran'gar. He knows Semirhage has a hard time getting to the meetings, but he wonders why Mesaana has been missing them. He has an alliance with the two of them that they will not turn on each other until the others are all eliminated. He has a side thought that view-walls, shocklances and sho-wings can no longer be made outside this place near Shayol Ghul.[8]

He is furious that Rand has been reports in lots of different places since the failed attempt in Cairhien. Osan'gar frowns when Demandred calls them fools and idiots. He says they will succeed the next time. Aran'gar says that Osan'gar and Demandred were responsible for watching him. She says her own charge is fully under control.[9] Graendal comments that Aran'gar and the men should be particularly worried if Rand succeeds. Osan'gar does not understand why. He says there is no way Rand can successfully remove the Great Lord's shadow from saidin.[10] Graendal then says that if Rand succeeds the Great Lord may no longer trust those who channel saidin. Demandred notes that she is wearing a simple gold ring. During the Shadow War more than a dozen of the Chosen died because of the Great Lord's suspicion.

Moridin arrives with Cyndane and says that the Great Lord knows they are all loyal. Moridin is playing with a rat. He comments that Isam is still supposed to find and kill Fain. He then vaporizes the rat with the True Power. Now that he is Nae'blis, only Moridin is allowed access to the True Power. Cyndane announces that Rand has two of the access keys and intends to use the Choedan Kal. The others are shocked and worried, but Demandred thinks Graendal's reaction is fake. He thought Cyndane was Lanfear until Mesaana told him that she is weaker than Lanfear was.[11] Moridin says they will all know when Rand starts to use the Choedan Kal. He orders them to take him or kill him if necessary.[12]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This must be the small vial that Verin will almost use on Cadsuane in WH,Ch25.
[#2] There were originally twenty prisoners, but Katerine escaped. (LoC,Ch55, TPoD,Prologue)
[#3] Is that what Cadsuane was doing in Chachin in NS,Ch17?
[#4] Undoubtedly using her own unique method of questioning!
[#5] They would be Flinn, Narishma and Hopwil. What information did Cadsuane use as blackmail and what did she force them to do? She may have forced them to accept bonding as the price for remaining safe in Cairhien. (WH,Ch25)
[#6] Why did Damer's Healing restore Irgain to full strength while Nynaeve's Healing left Siuan and Leane greatly weakened? (LoC,Ch30) At signings Robert Jordan has confirmed that it is a cross-gender thing. Only saidar can fully restore a man and only saidin can fully restore a woman.
[#7] Does Verin think something happened to Rand? Why is she terrified?
[#8] A very curious comment. This is the first indication that somehow the technology of the Age of Legends simply does not work any longer.
[#9] Egwene
[#10] They know that is Rand's intent since he spilled the beans in front of Dashiva and Torval. (TPoD,Ch14)
[#11] All is made clear in WH,Ch35.
[#12] For a discussion on this change of orders see the FAQ, Section 1.4.10.

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