LoC: The Sending

Perrin POV#

At dawn of the second day of the Feast of Lights Perrin is with Gaul and Loial. Perrin has a new horse from the Sun Palace stable. He names him Stayer. Perrin pays a ferryman, Manal, to take them across the Alguenya River. Perrin got very mixed emotions from Faile when he left. She wrapped Rand's sword for him to take. Rhuarc convinced Berelain not to go.

On the other side of the river, they join Dobraine and five hundred of his men of House Taborwin and Havien Nurelle who leads two hundred Mayener Winged Guards. They have four days to make up. They head north on the Tar Valon Road. At midday, Rhuarc, Nandera, Sulin, Amys and Sorilea join them. Rhuarc leads six thousand Aiel including a thousand Maidens. There are also ninety-four Wise Ones. Rhuarc says he could not bring more and still maintain secrecy. Timolan is already suspicious about Rhuarc not joining him to go against the Shaido. They make thirty-five miles the first day.

That night, Perrin calls the wolves for information. He contacts Two Moons, Wildfire, Old Deer, Half Tail, Rabbit Nose and Morning Clouds. The wolves can identify Aes Sedai. They know where the Aes Sedai camp is, and Perrin figures it is sixty or seventy miles. Perrin tells the wolves that the Aes Sedai have caged Shadowkiller and the wolves howl in rage.

Perrin follows for four more days. When they are camped, Loial tells Perrin what he knows about men and channeling. Elora daughter of Amar daughter of Coura during Hawkwing's time and Ledar son of Shandin son of Koimal three hundred years ago wrote about channeling. By law, men must be taken to the White Tower for trial before gentling. Loial thinks there are lots more than six Aes Sedai ahead. He tells stories of Caraighan Maconar, Yurian Stonebow, Guaire Amalasan, Raolin Darksbane and Davian. Loial also talks about Erith. He thinks she is beautiful. Perrin talks about Faile. Dobraine and Nurelle get along well. Nurelle also gets along well with the Aiel, particularly Gaul. Urien is second in command of the Aiel. Sorilea now accepts Amys as a near equal.

On the seventh day the wolves report a new party of men nearby. Perrin goes to meet the Two Rivers men. They brought Stepper and Swallow with them. Dannil and Aram ride out to meet him. There are nine Aes Sedai with them including Alanna, Verin, Bera, Kiruna, Merana and Masuri.[1] Kiruna rides a fierce gelding trained as a warhorse.[2] Alanna is leading them to Rand. Perrin tells them that Coiren and her party kidnapped Rand. They all smell angry and afraid. Bera and Kiruna try to take charge, but Perrin does not let them. Kiruna's attitude grates on Perrin. There are sixteen Warder with the Aes Sedai.[3] After the two parties join, the Wise Ones smell furious at the Aes Sedai. Masuri tries to talk to them but they rebuff her. Dannil's cousin Ban is another leader of the Two Rivers men. Perrin wonders how Alanna knows so much about Rand but she will not tell him.[4] On morning of the tenth day, wolves call Perrin sending, "Come now. Many two-legs. Many, many, many! Come now!"

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] The other three are Faeldrin, Rafela and Seonid.
[#2] Rand will claim this horse and name him Tai'daishar. (ACoS,Ch34)
[#3] Bera has three and Kiruna has four. Alanna's is Ihvon. Verin's is Tomas. Masuri's is Rovair Kirklin, Rafela's is Mahiro Shukosa, Seonid's are Furen Alharra and Teryl Wynter. Merana has no Warder so Faeldrin must have three.
[#4] Her bond to him, of course.

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