NS: A Narrow Passage

Moiraine POV#

As Moiraine returns to the common room, Siuan peers in the door to the street, sees her, then ducks away. She is wearing one of Tamore's dresses. It will be three or four years before Siuan is strong enough to tell Cetalia she wants to quit, so Moiraine knows something is wrong. She wonders if Sierin learned of their plot and forced Siuan to bring her back. Moiraine follows her into a narrow alley. Siuan tells Moiraine that all five of the searchers, Aisha, Kerene, Valera, Ludice and Meilyn, are dead. Aisha and her Warder were killed by bandits in Murandy. Kerene fell off a ship in the Alguenya River. Meilyn returned to the White Tower after the other four died. Siuan wanted to speak to her in secret so she hid under her bed. Meilyn never showed, but at breakfast next morning Chesmal announced that she died in her sleep.[1] She now wonders if Tamra might have been murdered, too. The only reasonable conclusion is the Black Ajah. Siuan left an anonymous note about the Black Ajah for Sierin.[2] They wonder if Cadsuane might be another searcher or if she might be Black Ajah. Moiraine convinces Siuan to head on to Chachin; she will follow after Cadsuane's bed check. At the inn, Moiraine sees Ryne leaving and an edge of shawl from a sister he is talking to.[3] In the common room Merean, Larelle and Cadsuane are wearing their shawls. With three more Aes Sedai arrived, Master Helvin informs Moiraine that she must share a room with a Murandian rug merchant Haesel Palan. With her worries she cannot sleep. When Cadsuane checks on her, she opens herself to saidar causing Cadsuane to mutter about the fool girl. Moiraine gets up and reluctantly leaves most of her possessions behind. She wears a riding dress with embroidery like Maldine lace as she leaves her room.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] It seems that this should put Chesmal at the top of the list as a suspect Black Ajah, but for some reason Siuan never followed up on it.
[#2] Apparently Sierin follows up on this, but Chesmal induces the Red Ajah to murder her before she can act on her investigation. (WH,Ch10)
[#3] Based on later events it was probably Merean.

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