WH: A Plan Succeeds

Elayne POV#

Elayne wakes in her bed with Aviendha, Birgitte and Nynaeve nearby. It is night. Nynaeve Healed Dyelin. The Guardsman was unhurt. Nynaeve gave her herbs to overcome the effect of the forkroot. She says Elayne needs lots of rest. Elayne thinks that Dyelin proved her loyalty. Aviendha is not around much because Melaine and the other Wise Ones have her back in training. Birgitte shows Elayne one of the knives they recovered. Nynaeve says it has deadly poison on it. They all think it was a very complicated plan.[1] Elayne reluctantly agrees to accept a small bodyguard from Birgitte. Birgitte says about twenty should be right, but who should command? Caseille is not really ready. Elayne suggests Doilin Mellar, the Guardsman who saved her. Birgitte says he is an Andoran from near Baerlon. He fought for Morgase during the Succession.[2] He has a bad habit of bothering women. They agree to promote him to captain. It is the night for meeting Egwene in Tel'aran'rhiod. Elayne gets the twisted ring from her purse. Nynaeve goes to her own room. Elayne drinks a glass of wine and goes to sleep.

Elayne is in the Grand Hall of the Royal Palace. Nynaeve arrives. Using a copy of the twisted ring she appears misty. Egwene arrives and they tell her about the day's news and events. Egwene already knew about the attack on Rand.[3] In Murandy, the Sitters want to stop accepting new novices because there are only sixteen Accepted to train them. Egwene wants Nynaeve to meet Sharina Melloy. Nynaeve is startled, remembering the name from her Accepted test.[4] Egwene now intends to keep the Oath Rod and require the Three Oaths for all Aes Sedai.[5] Nynaeve and Elayne disagree. The eldest of the Kin, Aloisia Nemosni is nearly six hundred years old. She might fall over dead on swearing, but Egwene is adamant. She spells out her plan for the Kin, in which they may keep their own ways, but are tied to the White Tower and subservient to the Amyrlin. All sisters must swear on the Oath Rod, but any that want to retire later in life may be released from the oaths and join the Kin, but they must give up the title of Aes Sedai. Nynaeve asks about Egwene's headaches and she replies that Halima's massages still work wonders.

They stop talking as they see a man standing by the door. He looks like he could be Rand's uncle.[6] He turns and runs down the hallway. Then they hear the click of a door closing at the opposite end of the throne room. Elayne then tells Egwene about the Borderlands. Egwene is irritated knowing they must be after Rand, but she has no idea why. Elayne is suddenly pleased, as she has an idea how to use them to secure the Lion Throne.[7]

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Asne POV#

Late at night Asne and Chesmal wait in their house in Caemlyn. Asne avoids conversation because Chesmal does nothing but brag about her part in questioning Tamra and how she induced the Red Ajah to murder Sierin Vayu.[8] Eldrith finally returns. Chesmal is angry that she is so late. Eldrith is in charge of their group. On Moghedien's orders, they remained in Samara even after the Prophet moved into Amadicia. They finally fled when Eldrith's Warder, Kennit, showed up intent on killing her. They decided on Caemlyn in hopes that Elayne and Nynaeve would eventually come there.

Temaile then enters wearing the glass bracelet ter'angreal. Eldrith is annoyed. They had agreed not to visit Tel'aran'rhiod because they think Nynaeve bested Moghedien there. Temaile reports that Nynaeve and Elayne were together and that they are in the Royal Palace. She says they can get by all the wilders; there are only three Aes Sedai in the palace.[9] She then adds that there were others spying on the two Accepted, a man that they saw and someone else. She could not see because she was hiding.[10] Asne thinks to herself that she is glad her four Warder are nearing Caemlyn. She stopped masking herself when they left Samara. She is more comfortable with muscle and steel around her even though Powl is the only Darkfriend among them. She also has the fluted black rod that Moghedien had thought well hidden.

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Mili Skane POV#

Mili Skane now thinks of herself as Lady Shiaine Avarhin. Willim Avarhin was an impoverished lord. He and his daughter lived on a farm. Mili Skane murdered them and adopted the daughter's identity. The Heart and Hand is the sigil of House Avarhin. Falion serves as her maid, satisfying Moridin's punishment. Shiaine thinks that her own failure is deeply buried.[11] On Moridin's orders passed through Moghedien, Marillin also reports to Shiaine. Marillin tells Shiaine that she cannot do what Shiaine wants. There are too many channelers in the Royal Palace so she would quickly be detected. However, there is a woman in the Royal Palace who can do what Shiaine wants. Shiaine thinks that must mean she is Black Ajah.[12] The guard, Murellin, opens the door and admits Daved Hanlon. He fondles Falion then proudly announces that he is now Captain of the Queen's Bodyguard.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Yet no one seems have serious suspicions about it. We later find out that this did instill suspicions. (CoT,Ch15, KoD,Ch16)
[#2] All of this information on Doilin Mellar may be true or false.
[#3] Most likely from the Wise Ones.
[#4] It is still not clear how much the three arches draw on reality and how much they create from the Accepted's own mind.
[#5] This is an abrupt reversal from her earlier opinion. (TPoD,Ch15) Siuan apparently convinced her of the value of the Three Oaths, though it is possible that Aran'gar played a hand as well.
[#6] Slayer. Of course, as Luc, he is Rand's uncle.
[#7] This plan is revealed in WH,Ch27.
[#8] Is this related to Cadsuane's "vileness?" (ACoS,Ch19)
[#9] There are four Aes Sedai in the Royal Palace. This implies that one of Careane, Merilille, Sareitha and Vandene really is Black Ajah.
[#10] The man was Slayer. Was there actually another spy or was the other person Egwene?
[#11] This might be her failure to kill Rand and Mat. (TEotW,Ch33)
[#12] The task is not specified. It is also not clear if Shiaine is right in assuming the woman is Black Ajah. If it is channeling that is required, then she might be one of the Kin or Windfinders.

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