NS: The Deeps

Lan POV#

Lan and Bukama travel to an area just inside the north wall called the Deeps and arrive at an inn called The Blue Rose. The innkeeper Racelle Arovni is a friend of Bukama's; he has been gone six years. At the inn is Ryne Venamar. He is Lan's best friend, five years older. He is also Malkier, but dresses like an Arafellin. He arrived yesterday, working as a merchant's guard out of Shol Arbela, but the merchant who was known for his luck was killed last night.[1] The serving girl Lira likes Lan. Ryne expected Lan to be in Chachin because of Edeyn Arrel. She has been from Fal Moran to Maradon raising support for the Golden Crane to retake Malkier from the Blight. Lan is shaken and goes for a walk to the stable. She was his carneira, his first lover, in Fal Moran. He was fifteen and she was over thirty. Lan uses ko'di, a oneness or void, to focus his concentration.[2] Before Malkier was Rhamdashar, before that, Aramaelle. Lan has four gifts from the cradle, a locket with his parents images, the ring of Malkier kings, his sword and an oath to defend Malkier to the death. Bukama finds him in the stable and checks on Sun Lance. He tells Lan that Ryne said many men, even Nazar Kurenin are willing to follow him. As they head back to the inn, six men attack to assassinate him. Lan kills them all.[3] Bukama is suspicious that Edeyn sent them.[4] Ryne does not want to face the merchant's widow, Ceiline Noreman, so all three agree to go to Chachin.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Because of his luck, he likely was a victim of the Black Ajah. (NS,Epilogue)
[#2] This sounds very much like the technique Tam will teach Rand.
[#3] His survival is extremely lucky.
[#4] Most probably Ryne orchestrated the attack on orders from Merean because of Lan's reputation for luck. (NS,Ch26, NS,Epilogue)

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