TDR: Visitations

Mat POV#

A beautiful woman in white enters Mat's room in the White Tower and introduces herself as Selene. She seems familiar to him. She says she was in the White Tower "for another purpose, and I wanted to see all of you." She tells him he is hungry because of "the way they do things." She says, "There is no need to convince you to seek out glory." She tries to convince him to join her side because his only other choices are to be used by Aes Sedai or hounded by Ba'alzamon. She speaks of "so-called Aes Sedai."[1] She says she will not compel him. She tells him Abell and Tam came to Tar Valon looking for him and Rand.[2] Siuan Sanche sent them away telling them nothing. She tells him that Rand is running and Moiraine is following him. She also says the Black Ajah is active in the White Tower. She asks him to remember that he has choices and he reluctantly agrees. His reluctance angers her and she reaches toward him. His skin tingles and he gets a headache. Suddenly she looks around as if she hears something and the tingle and headache disappear.[3] She says they will talk more later and she leaves. He really wants to leave now and checks his meager possessions. He still has his dice cups so he thinks he can win enough to keep himself going. There is a knock, then Siuan and Leane enter. He tells them he wants to say goodbye to Egwene and Nynaeve then leave. They tell him he will have to stay for a while to get well, maybe as long as a year. Siuan tells him every bridge guard in Tar Valon has his description and orders not to let him leave. He strongly hints about wishing his da had come and Siuan admits that he did. He notes that they are telling him only as much as they absolutely have to. He asks her about Rand and she replies that he is okay as far as she knows. She asks if he remembers blowing the Horn and he admits that he does. She tells him that he is now linked to it as long as he lives. She says he reminds her of her uncle Huan. He was a gambler and good for nothing, but he died pulling children out of a burning house. She warns him to keep quiet about the Horn. Shayol Ghul wants it and if the Shadow knows he blew it he will have Darkfriends and worse after him. They leave and he begins making his plans for escape.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This seems to be Jordan's standard catch phrase for identifying Forsaken.
[#2] It happened exactly as she said, (TSR,Ch31), but how did she learn this?
[#3] Clearly her channeling, but what was she doing if not compelling him?

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