TSR: Assurances

Perrin POV#

Ihvon returns and says they may continue, then he and Tomas vanish. Marin leads Perrin, Faile, Loial, Gaul, Bain and Chiad to the sickhouse. They enter and Perrin recognizes Verin Mathwin and Alanna Mosvani. Perrin recalls that Egwene told him Elaida and Alanna showed a lot of interest in Rand. Verin tells Marin she did the right thing by bringing them, then Marin leaves. Perrin demands to know why they are there. Verin explains that they are screening Two Rivers girls for channeling potential because the area already produced three channelers plus three ta'veren.[1] They were in Watch Hill for a week before the Whitecloaks came, but already found five girls with varying degrees of potential. Verin starts to give some history of how they find fewer and fewer girls each year. Sheriam thinks gentling all male channelers has culled the ability out of people. The White Ajah developed a mating plan for gentled men. Alviarin was furious when Verin suggest that they also serve as the mothers.

Perrin asks why they do not do something about the Whitecloaks and Trollocs. Alanna angrily replies that they can only do so much because of the Three Oaths. Her other Warder, Owein, was already killed by the Whitecloaks. They have, however, killed a few Trollocs and two Fades. Alanna Delves Perrin's injuries. Bain explains that they fought Trollocs in the Ways. Verin nods saying Moiraine told her they were using the Ways. Alanna is angry that Siuan let Rand, Mat and Perrin go their own way. She says Elaida is the most vehement in her anger. She says she would have bonded them if she had her way.[2] Alanna Heals Perrin, then moves to Bain. Verin Heals Gaul and Chiad. Ihvon enters and whispers to Alanna, then leaves.

A moment later, Tam al'Thor and Abell Cauthon enter. They greet Perrin and ask about Rand and Mat. He tells them they are well and in Tear. Verin takes note of that. Tam asks if they ever found out why Moiraine wanted them. Verin gives Perrin a warning look, so he gives a vague, non-committal answer. Perrin and the two men go for a walk. On the way out, the men admire Stepper and Swallow, then walk into the woods. Abell tells him that Alanna let out that all three boys are ta'veren. Abell tells Perrin that he and Tam traveled all the way to Tar Valon, but Leane sent them on their way with no information.[3] Perrin tells them he heard about his own family. A raven lights nearby and Tam and Abell kill it. Abell tells him that someone has killed lots of animals and Perrin realizes it must mean that Slayer is here. He asks about the prisoners. Tam and Abell tell him the Whitecloak camp near Watch Hill has seven or eight hundred men with lots of patrols. Perrin tells them he means to free the prisoners, then rid the Two Rivers of Trollocs.

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Dain Bornhald POV#

Dain Bornhald leads his patrol back into Watch Hill after being attacked by Trollocs. They only attack patrols that he leads personally. They pass the White Boar. He seldom drinks, but he stops in sometimes to visit with the locals. He notes that there is activity in the Tinker camp a half mile away and sends Farran to tell Raen that they will only be allowed to move south.[4] Dain is angry that the Two Rivers people are hiding the Aes Sedai of the Warder his men killed. He is trying to keep the peace so he refuses to let Jaret Byar and Farran put the prisoners to the question. His main mission is to capture Perrin who led his father, Geofram Bornhald, to his death. Byar meets him and reports that Ordeith is back. His force had a skirmish with Trollocs and two were killed, Joelin and Gomanes. They were the two Dain sent to watch Ordeith. Dain orders Byar to bring Ordeith to him. While he waits, Dain wonders if Pedron Niall somehow knew there would be Trollocs in the Two Rivers. Ordeith enters with a mocking attitude and Dain strikes him. Ordeith tells him they must work together to take down the Darkfriends Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara. Dain says he covered the murders of Perrin's family, but he will not condone the murder of Children of the Light. Ordeith reminds him that he killed two Gray Men. After Ordeith leaves, Dain hunts for his flask of brandy.

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Padan Fain POV#

As Ordeith heads back to his tent, he thinks that he should have restrained himself when Joslyn Aybara and Con Aybara insulted him. He can feel one of the boys to the south, but he knows it is not Rand. He is annoyed by the new one who brought the Gray Men[5] and he is having trouble in his dreams.[6] He thinks no one can kill him; a part of him has survived since the Trolloc Wars.[7] Back in his tent, he checks his prisoner, a Myrddraal. He offers to free the Fade in return for accepting his proposal. The Fade accepts, but sweats at the prospect.[8]

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Is this the true reason? We learn a little more about Verin in TSR,Ch39.
[#2] Foreshadowing of events in Lord of Chaos.
[#3] So Lanfear told Mat the truth. (TDR,Ch20)
[#4] He is trying to control information leaving the Two Rivers.
[#5] This must be Luc/Slayer who thinks of Fain as "the renegade." (TSR,Ch42)
[#6] It is not clear if it is Slayer or someone else troubling his dreams. Nor is it clear if this is short term or ongoing.
[#7] He is now thinking of himself partly as Mordeth.
[#8] The terms of the deal are unknown, but Fain clearly has figured out how to control Fades. For more on Fain and his abilities see the FAQ, Section 1.7.1.

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