TDR: Shadows Sleeping

Perrin POV#

Perrin is dreaming. He is in an inn with a man.[1] The man offers him wine and asks if he will give up the axe. Perrin refuses and the man disappears.

Everything shifts and he sees in a mirror that he is wearing a gold lion-head helmet. A beautiful woman[2] offers him glory and another goblet of wine; he refuses both. She disappears saying she will always be in his dreams.

He is on a stone bridge. There are many others connecting platforms.[3] In the distance he sees a woman in white.[2] Below him, two men appear. One is tall, dark and slender with silver in his black hair.[4] The other is shorter and stocky with short, white hair.[5] They talk, then argue. The same man he saw at the inn joins them. He shouts at them and they act fearful, then the tall man argues back. All three are shouting when the newcomer waves his arms and a ball of flame envelops them and expands toward Perrin. When he looks up, they are gone, but he sees a wolf on a ramp above him.

He is in a huge chamber with redstone columns.[6] In the center a glass sword floats. He tries to touch it but cannot. He hears a voice whisper "Callandor." A wolf appears and tells him Trollocs are coming.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Ba'alzamon
[#2] Lanfear
[#3] This place sounds like the Ways.
[#4] Rahvin
[#5] Be'lal
[#6] The Stone of Tear

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