TEotW: Shelter From the Storm

Perrin POV#

Perrin, Egwene and Elyas continue travelling southeast with the TuathaAn for days. Elyas has a strong feeling that it is important for them to stay with the TuathaAn for a while. His "feelings" have saved his life in the past. Elyas talks with Raen. Egwene spends her time talking with Ila or dancing with Aram. He gives her a string of blue beads. Perrin's awareness of the wolves sharpens every day. Dapple continues to follow, but Burn and Wind are becoming more reluctant. Hopper follows Dapple.

Perrin dreams that he is back in Alsbet Luhhan's kitchen with a wolf guarding him. Ba'alzamon appears and kills the wolf. He shouts, "I mark you mine." and throws a raven at Perrin that puts out his left eye. Perrin wakes intact. Elyas comes over and Perrin hears the wolves howling in pain. Elyas says it is now time to go. Raen senses something as well and says they will be heading east, perhaps to the Spine of the World. Perhaps they will find a stedding. Aram wants Egwene to stay but she says no. They gather up their belongings and Bela and head out. The wolves join Elyas and discuss Perrin's dream that they shared.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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