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Rand POV#

The Emond's Field folks and Loial stay with Lord Agelmar while Moiraine and Lan are questioning Fain. Nynaeve asks about Lan and Agelmar tells them his story. Lan was son of al'Akir and el'Leanna, king and queen of Malkier. Less than fifty years ago, his brother, Lain, campaigned in the Blasted Lands and was killed. His wife, Breyan, had dared him, but then blamed al'Akir. She plotted with Cowin Gemallan Fairheart to take the throne for her son Isam. Cowin, a hero of the land, was a Darkfriend. Cowin pulled troops from the border and Trollocs invaded. Cowin was captured by young Jain Charin Farstrider and then killed in single combat by al'Akir. Breyan fled with Isam and they disappeared. el'Leanna gave her baby Lan a locket and the sword of Malkier kings, made with the One Power,[1] and had bodyguards carry him to Fal Moran. The five survivors taught him weapons.[2] al'Akir and el'Leanna were killed at Herot's Crossing. The Trollocs were finally stopped at the Stair of Jehaan, but Malkier was lost.

Moiraine and Lan return. Fain was a Darkfriend for forty years. He brought the Trollocs to Emond's Field. Three years ago he was brought to Shayol Ghul and met Ba'alzamon who set him hunting the boys. Moiraine was still in Tar Valon at the time. The Fade took Fain on a leash chasing the boys. Ba'alzamon drove the Fades into Shadar Logoth. He "appeared like a flickering candle, never twice in the same place." Moiraine fooled the Fades, but not Fain. He followed the boys to Caemlyn, then through the Ways. Machin Shin caught him, but liked/feared him and left him alone. The Dark One impressed part of himself on Fain.[3] Fain held back something from Moiraine.[4] They prepare to go to their rooms.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] And also the ring of Malkier kings. (NS,Ch16)
[#2] One of them was Bukama. (NS,Ch1)
[#3] The context makes it clear that Moiraine believes Ba'alzamon is the Dark One himself, not Ishamael.
[#4] Most likely his encounter with Mordeth.

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