Pronunciation: PAD-an FAIN

A peddler. He is from Lugard.

Possible Spoilers#

aka: Ordeith, Jeraal Mordeth
Ordeith means "Wormwood" in the Old Tongue. Pronunciation: OHR-deeth

He is a Darkfriend.

Physical Description#

He is a pale, skinny fellow with gangly arms and a massive beak of a nose. (TEotW,Ch3) He is a skinny little fellow with a large nose and wide ears. (ACoS,Ch35)

Points of View#

See Padan Fain's chapter points of view.

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Other References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In The Eye of the World
    1. TEotW,Ch4 - Thom knows Padan Fain and does not like him.
  2. In The Great Hunt
    1. TGH,Ch6 - Rand goes to the dungeon and finds the guards murdered, Mat and Egwene injured and Fain gone.
    2. TGH,Ch7 - Moiraine, Siuan and Verin wonder why Fain was so important that he was rescued.
    3. TGH,Ch14 - The wolves tell Perrin that Fain is still to the south.
    4. TGH,Ch19 - Fain cannot sense Rand when he is holding the One Power.
    5. TGH,Ch28 - The wolves tell Perrin that someone they call Shadowkiller killed some Trollocs. Fain and the others are now chasing Shadowkiller.
    6. TGH,Ch41 - Hurin searches for Fain's trail on Toman Head. They all wonder why he would bring the Horn to Falme.
    7. TGH,Ch42 - Nynaeve sees Fain in the streets of Falme and wonders what he could be doing here.
    8. TGH,Ch44 - Hurin locates Fain's trail and follows it to Falme.
    9. TGH,Ch45 - Turak was suspicious of Fain because of his obvious desire for the Ruby Dagger and because Huan died mysteriously.
    10. TGH,Ch49 - Moiraine figured out that Padan Fain and Mordeth merged forming something for dangerous and evil than either.
  3. In The Shadow Rising
    1. TSR,Ch13 - When Rand hears that Whitecloaks are searching the Two Rivers for Perrin and him, he realizes it is Fain's work.
    2. TSR,Ch29 - Marin and Bran tell Perrin that Fain is with the Whitecloaks. He tells them Fain is a Darkfriend.
    3. TSR,Ch32 - Perrin tells Jac al'Seen and the others that Fain is a Darkfriend.
    4. TSR,Ch42 - Slayer tells Perrin that he brought the Trollocs to keep the Whitecloaks off balance and to see that the renegade died.
    5. TSR,Ch45 - Lord Luc learns that there was a Trolloc attack on Taren Ferry that let many people escape across the river. Clearly angry, he asks if Ordeith was seen around and hopes he was killed.
  4. In Lord of Chaos
    1. LoC,Ch10 - The Two Rivers girls tell Rand about Perrin, Faile, Padan Fain, the Whitecloaks and the Trollocs.
    2. LoC,Ch28 - Fain can feel Alanna's bond to Rand.
    3. LoC,Ch28 - Fain can now sense even casual Darkfriends.
    4. LoC,Ch50 - Rand worries that Fain or one of the Forsaken might come after Min if they knew how important she is to him.
  5. In A Crown of Swords
    1. ACoS,Ch35 - Fain has influenced Toram Riatin so that he hates Rand with a passion.
    2. ACoS,Ch41 - Rand has nightmares about Fain attacking him.
  6. In The Path of Daggers
    1. TPoD,Ch27 - Dobraine reports to Rand that Fain has left Toram Riatin's service and vanished.
  7. In Winter's Heart
    1. WH,Ch13 - Isam is still under orders to find and kill Fain.
  8. In Knife of Dreams
    1. KoD,Ch20 - The True Source is now clean but, with his wounds from Ishamael and Fain, Rand wonders if he is.
  9. In The Gathering Storm
    1. TGS,Ch5 - Rand trusts Corele more than most since she, Samitsu and Flinn saved him after Fain cut him with the Ruby Dagger.
    2. TGS,Ch35 - His return to Falme brings Rand memories of following Fain, the Ruby Dagger and the Horn of Valere.
    3. TGS,Ch44 - Nynaeve feels sorry for the way Rand treats Hurin. Hurin idolizes Rand after the months they spent chasing Fain and the Horn of Valere.
    4. TGS,Ch47 - After meeting with Hurin, Rand feels melancholy thinking of simpler days when he Hurin and Loial chased after Fain and the Ruby Dagger.

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