TEotW: Ravens[1]

Egwene POV#

It is late spring and Egwene is nine years old.[2] She is fetching water from the Winespring Water for the shearing of the sheep. She intends to be the best water carrier.

She notices a raven acting unusually bold and wonders about tales of spies for the Dark One. Kenley Ahan teases her a bit then heads off with his bucket and Egwene follows.

The shearing takes place in Widow Aynal's Meadow. Egwene watches for her oldest sister, Berowyn.

She sees Kenley Ahan snatch a honeycake from the tables and thinks he is as bad as Ewin Finngar. Corin Ayellin catches him.

Egwene sees Perrin Aybara in the crowd with his parents, little sisters Deselle and Adora and baby brother Paet. Joslyn Aybara and Con Aybara are talking with Master Luhhan about Perrin becoming his apprentice. Cilia Cole is nearby making calf eyes at Perrin.

Egwene notices more ravens watching the meadow.

Egwene fetches more water. When she returns, she bumps into her youngest sister, Loise, arguing with Dag Coplin.

Another of Egwene's sisters is Alene. She then passes the Wisdom, Doral Barran, and Nynaeve bandaging Bili Congar's leg. Nynaeve has been her apprentice for three years. The Wisdom is suspicious of Nynaeve's work.[3]

Nynaeve knows Egwene is there without even seeing her.[4] Egwene thinks about teasing Nynaeve about Mistress Ayellin and a pie.[5]

Continuing with her rounds, Egwene runs into her other sister, Elisa, with Jillie Lewin folding fleece. She is a year older than Nynaeve but does not have her hair braided yet. Calle Coplin nearby is twenty and still does not have hers braided.

Egwene goes to look for Perrin and Mat. Wil al'Seen sends her to one of the sheep pens. Paet al'Caar and Jac al'Caar both brought sheep. Perrin and Mat are behind one of the pens with Rand, Dav Ayellin, Lem Thane, Bandry Crawe and Elam Dowtry.

Dannil Lewin comes with a message that Bran al'Vere sent for the boys. On the way they pass Natti Cauthon with Bodewhin and Eldrin.

The Village Council members, including Cenn Buie and Master al'Dai, Bili al'Dai's grandfather, are all shearing the sheep except for Master Cole who is napping. Bran asks Tam al'Thor to tell a story. Tam tells about the Age of Legends and the War of the Shadow. The Dark One touched the world and Trollocs and Myrddraal came in armies. Some Aes Sedai sided with the Shadow, the Forsaken. The Shadow was winning the war until the Dragon, Lews Therin Telamon, and his Hundred Companions went to Shayol Ghul and sealed the Dark One back into the prison the Creator made for him along with the Forsaken. No one knows what a "Dragon" is, not even the Aes Sedai. Tam sends the boys back to work and Egwene notices many more ravens in the trees that take off flying west.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] This additional prologue only appears in the Starscape edition, "From the Two Rivers."
[#2] Egwene's nameday is later in the year making the year 991 NE. Rand, Mat and Perrin are twelve. Nynaeve is seventeen.
[#3] She has probably caught on to the fact that some of Nynaeve's "cures" are unusually effective.
[#4] From Healing her of breakbone fever the previous fall. (TEotW,Ch21)
[#5] Nynaeve stole a plum pudding from Mistress Ayellin and got a whipping for it. (TFoH,Ch55)

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