Perrin's mother. Married to Con Aybara. Son, Paet. Daughters, Adora and Deselle.

Physical Description#

She is pretty, with a wonderful smile. (TEotW,Earlier)

Chronology (Possible Spoilers)#

Other References (Possible Spoilers)#

  1. In The Great Hunt
    1. TGH,Ch11 - Perrin recalls that when he was little his mother frightened him with stories of men who could channel.
  2. In The Shadow Rising
    1. TSR,Ch29 - Perrin's entire extended family lives on a large farm half a day east of Emond's Field.
    2. TSR,Ch30 - Perrin sobs as he remembers his father and mother, Adora, Deselle and Paet.
    3. TSR,Ch31 - Padan Fain recalls that he lost control and murdered Perrin's family because Joslyn and Con Aybara laughed at him and insulted him.

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