TFoH: An Old Acquaintance

Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve follows Uno out of the circus as Cerandin leads Sanit, Mer and Nerin in their performance. She catches up to him and tells him she saw him at Fal Dara, then at Falme with Rand. He recognizes her and drags her off toward the town. They stop near another circus with a sign reading Mairin Gome. Uno says he remembers her well. Ragan thought she could butcher a bull with her tongue at ten paces. Chaena and Nangu thought fifty. He remembers she was with Moiraine. Uno wants to give her enough money to get her to Tear where he thinks Rand is. He heard that Siuan was deposed. He asks if Moiraine or Verin is with her but Nynaeve says no. She tells him she is with Elayne. She asks what he is doing in Samara. He tells her that Moiraine sent the Shienarans to Jehannah, but the woman they were supposed to meet was dead and no one else had even heard of Moiraine.[1] Masema started preaching and the others just hung around. Only Bartu and Nengar really listen to him. Nynaeve is shocked to learn that Masema is the Prophet. Uno offers to take her to him because he might be able to get her a boat. They head into the town.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Who was this woman? Speculation - Cadsuane?

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