TGH: What Might Be

Rand POV#

Alar and Juin lead Rand and the others to the Portal Stone, then leave. Verin implies she was transported by a Portal Stone, then says she has never used one.[1] She says she knows how to use it but is not strong enough.[2] Verin really wants to talk to Selene to find what she knows and to see her book, Mirrors of the Wheel. Verin knows of it, but it has not been seen since the Breaking. Serafelle has often told her there are many lost books still waiting to be found. Verin knows three of the many symbols. She knows of three Portal Stone but has only visited one that is on Toman Head. The symbol for the Toman Head Portal Stone is two wavy parallel lines crossed by a squiggle. Another is a box with eight symbols, arrows in circles, four directions, inside or through a circle. One is our world, but Verin does not know which. Verin's father had a saying, "It's time to roll the dice."[3] Rand chooses the arrow pointing left and through the circle. Everyone crowds around the Portal Stone. As he channels, Verin shouts that something is wrong. Rand sees many visions of futures, all ending with a voice whispering in his head, "I have won again, Lews Therin." They finally are in Toman Head. Verin says there was a surge of the One Power, as if they were pushed. The Lines that join the Worlds That Might Be, laid by those who knew the Numbers of Chaos. Verin, talking about other Worlds, "I never thought I..." It is well into late autumn; Verin says four months have passed. Loial, Mat, Perrin, Hurin, Ingtar, Uno, Masema and the rest are all stunned by what they saw. It is clear from their reactions that all saw many unpleasant futures. Verin Heals all but Rand, who refuses help, and they prepare to leave.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Yet another confusing fact about Verin. Has she or has she not actually traveled by Portal Stone and, if so, who activated it?
[#2] Leaving open the question of whether or not she could use one with her flower brooch angreal.
[#3] Amusing that Verin's father and Mat have the same saying.

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