TGS: Questions of Control

Cadsuane POV#

Sarene questions Semirhage as Cadsuane listens from outside the room, eavesdropping with a weave of Spirit. Her Warder Vitalien is with her. Daigian, Erian and Elza hold her shield. Cadsuane wants to do some questioning, but Merise already failed and she does not want to risk failing as well. A serving woman brings a midday meal and Semirhage hurls it to the floor. Sarene tries to appease her, sending for another meal. Cadsuane realizes that that is the problem, they have been respecting her. Cadsuane enters the room, knocks Semirhage off her feet and proceeds to spank her. She sends for maids and servants to come and watch. Semirhage finally howls in humiliation and eats the spilled meal off the floor. As she leaves, Cadsuane tells Sarene to get a hairbrush for the next time. She begins wondering again what to do about Rand.

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Perrin POV#

Perrin tries to manage his camp and the refuges. He spends all his time managing disputes that Balwer brings to him. He had focus when he was rescuing Faile, but not now. He feels Rand pulling him, northward now. Grady explains that he and Neald are still tired. At best, it would take days for all the refugees to pass through gateways they could make. The quartermaster, Bavin Rockshaw, sees to distribution of food to the refugees. Tod al'Caar and Jori Congar salute as he walks by. They respect him even though they still talk about his night in Berelain's tent. Perrin worries about his rage during battle. In a recent visit to the wolf dream he nearly killed Hopper.[1] He thinks it is time to return to the wolf dream to look for answers.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Perrin thinks of this as "recent". This may have happened off-screen or it may be the incident of WH,Ch5 though that was more than two months ago.

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