TGS: In Darkness

Sheriam POV#

Sheriam enters her tent and checks once again to make sure her tormentor has not returned. She silently thanks Romanda that Halima is gone.[1] Chesa still keeps Egwene's tent neat. Sheriam joined her "friends" solely for power; she has no interest in the Last Battle or the Chosen.[2] Suddenly, she senses a woman of great strength outside her tent. A black figure enters and Sheriam makes obeisance. The figure says that Egwene must be deposed and the Tel'aran'rhiod meetings must end. Sheriam explains that the Hall has dream ter'angreal. She truthfully says that there are twenty, eighteen for the Hall, one for her, and one other that Leane had when she was captured.[3] The figure orders Sheriam to steal all of them. She has three days, and will lose a finger or toe for each one she misses. The figure opens a gateway to the halls of the White Tower and vanishes.[4]

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Egwene POV#

Seaine is talking with Egwene in her tiny cell. It is two days since Elaida beat and imprisoned her. Red sisters Cariandre and Patrinda stand guard. Several other sisters have come to talk. Seaine confirms that Elaida will be tried for breaking Tower law, but nothing she did is severe enough for her to be removed from the Amyrlin. Remembering what happened to Leane, Egwene asks if the Dark One is still causing evil changes and Seaine confirms that they are getting worse. After Seaine leaves, Egwene sits in the darkness of her cell knowing she must still resist.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] Confirming that Halima/Aran'gar was the one who was beating her. (TPoD,Ch16)
[#2] Finally confirming that Sheriam is, indeed, Black Ajah.
[#3] Sheriam does not know that Siuan has it now.
[#4] Clearly this is Mesaana.

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