TGS: News in Tel'aran'rhiod

Egwene POV#

In a meeting in Tel'aran'rhiod, Siuan tries to convince Egwene that Elaida will never let her go. They are meeting every night now. This time they are meeting in Naorman Mashinta's cobbler shop in Tar Valon. They debate whether Elaida could have her executed. After Egwene ends the discussion, Siuan tells her that Gawyn is in the camp. He keeps meeting with Lelaine and Romanda. Their meeting last night was cut short by another bubble of evil where tents came alive and strangled three people. Egwene's cell is tiny. She thinks Rand must have felt even worse when Elaida had him in the box. Siuan thinks Egwene may be the best Amyrlin since Artur Hawkwing's reign.

After Siuan leaves, Egwene visits the rebel camp surrounded by Bryne's army. She wonders if the rebels will fragment the same as the White Tower sisters. She wonders if there will ever be reconciliation if there will be two White Towers. She lets herself use Need.

She finds herself in a clearing in a forest of white aspen. There is a small group of TuathaAn' wagons and an actual fire which is odd for Tel'aran'rhiod. She wonders what place there will be for TuathaAn and the Way of the Leaf in the Last Battle. She wonders what became of Aram,[1] Raen and Ila. She wonders why Need brought her here.[2] Is she too focused? Life should be about living, as the TuathaAn treat it. She thinks about Gawyn in the rebel camp and the she intends to bond him as her Warder and marry him. She lets the world shift again.

She stands in front of the White Tower, its shadow cast upon her.

She wakes to renewed pain. She is still wearing the same bloody dress. The Red sisters who guard her cell now administer her beatings instead of Silviana. At noon, her guards, Barasine and another Red she does not know, bring her out of her cell for a beating. Katerine arrives with news that Egwene is to be freed and returned to the novice quarters. Katerine is the new Mistress of Novices. On their way, they run into Saerin. Saerin tells Egwene that Silviana confronted Elaida and the Hall demanding Egwene's release. Elaida ordered her imprisoned. The two Reds look concerned. Egwene tells them they should go check on what is happening to their Ajah. She asks a passing novice, Marsial, to bring forkroot so the Reds can leave. Barasine and Egwene proceed to her room and Marsial returns with the forkroot. Egwene downs it then Barasine hurries away. Egwene enters her room and finds Verin waiting for her! Egwene begins changing into a clean dress to get to work but Verin shocks her by lying about the color! She tells Egwene to sit down as they have a lot to talk about.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] We have not seen Raen and Ila since the Two Rivers in The Shadow Rising but we know about the sad ending of Aram. (KoD,Ch29)
[#2] Good question. Why did Need bring Egwene to a Tinker camp? And where is this camp? What is going on with the fire? Fires are usually too transient to appear in Tel'aran'rhiod.

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