TGS: Rivers of Shadow

Nynaeve POV#

Nynaeve, Merise, Cadsuane, Corele and Damer Flinn stand on the city wall of Bandar Eban at midnight to observe a ghostly fog that seems to be a funeral procession. She still feels the storm to the north. She can never go back to the Two Rivers; she is Aes Sedai and married to Lan, a king. The eerie fog began appearing the night after Rand arrived. Incidents like bubbles of evil are happening more often. After coming down from the wall, they head back to the mansion. On the way, Nynaeve stops to Heal a boy with white shakes. She tries to think how she can gain Rand's confidence. Cadsuane failed and she is failing so far. The only one who succeeded in working with him was Moiraine. She decides to show Rand how she can be useful to him.

As she enters the mansion grounds, Haster Nalmat, the Saldaean officer on duty, bows to her. Inside the gates, she commandeers three soldiers. In the mansion, she sends servants for the dosun, the head housekeeper. Loral soon arrives. Nynaeve asks her where the messenger was imprisoned and questioned. She and four of the servants lead Nynaeve and the soldiers to The Gull's Feast, an area near the docks where fishermen dump waste.

On the way, she wonders what is happening at the White Tower. The news on Egwene, Elaida, the Asha'man is all garbled.

They reach a chandler's shop. Nynaeve leaves one of the soldiers to stay with the servants and dosun while the other two, Triben and Lurts, accompany her. They break into the shop and find two guards and the questioner upstairs. Back downstairs there is a young Domani man, the apprentice. They enter the basement through a trapdoor and find the dungeon. Milisair Chadmar is in a cell. Nynaeve questions them about the messenger but Jorgin, the questioner, insists that he just died. One of the thugs is named Mord. Jorgin convinces her he is telling the truth. Before she leaves, she checks on Milisair and finds that she was poisoned with tarchrot leaf. Jorgin says the apprentice, Kerb, prepared the food. Hurrying back upstairs, they find the front door open, but the four servants grabbed Kerb as he tried to run away.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

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