TGS: The Death of Tuon

Mat POV#

Verin tells Mat, Talmanes and Mandevwin her story. She was with Rand in Tear. She tells him that Rand cleansed the taint on saidin. She left Tear to go to Tar Valon, but something always prevented her from staying in one spot long enough to learn it for Traveling. She and Tomas finally caught a ride with a merchant going to Cairhien, but fell asleep. They woke to find he had changed directions, going to Murandy now. Finally, she tries Skimming, but Tomas mentions a trip to Trustair at the exact moment and that is where they wind up. Verin gives up knowing the Pattern is forcing her to either Mat or Perrin. She uses the pictures that were given to her by a Darkfriend who wants them dead. She warns him to be very careful. She offers Mat a bargain. She will take him and the Band to Caemlyn if he will promise to follow the instructions in a sealed letter.[1] He sees that she has several similar sealed letters in her pouch.[2] He refuses. She then offers him a different deal. He must stay in Caemlyn for fifty days.[3] They compromise on thirty[4] and she gives him the sealed letter in case he changes his mind. He wonders if Elayne is there and if she will help him get started on Aludra's dragons. He will also need time to learn all he can about the Tower of Ghenjei. He does not think Thom will complain about the time. Verin takes out a flower brooch[5] and they begin to break camp.

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Tuon POV#

It is a few days since the meeting with the Dragon Reborn. Tuon takes a new name, Fortuona. She gives her blessing to the five Bloodknives who will go on the Tar Valon raid. Bloodknives wear ter'angreal rings activated by their own blood. The rings give them extra stamina and speed, but also kill them in a few days. Fortuona personally donated a damane and sul'dam, Dali and Malahavana, to the raid. Hundreds of raken and to'raken prepare for flight. It is early evening. Lieutenant-General Yulan will personally lead the raid. Traveling only at night for secrecy, the flight to Tar Valon will take several days. Fortuona tells Selucia that General Galgan is wrong. This will not weaken the Dragon Reborn. It will turn him against them. Selucia asks if that was not already the case and Fortuona replies, "No. We were against him." They will see how big a difference that is.

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Notes (Possible Spoilers)#

[#1] No idea what the instructions are. We finally learn the contents of the letter in ToM,Epilogue.
[#2] Multiple letters? In case she finds Perrin? Or someone else? Or what? See the discussion of possibilities in the FAQ, Section 2.2.9.
[#3] What is the delay for? What is Verin's overall plan? We learn a lot more about her in TGS,Ch39, but get no answers to these questions.
[#4] This means Mat will be free to leave Caemlyn just a few days after Verin arrives in Tar Valon. (TGS,Ch39) It is not at all clear why, but the timing seems too fortuitous to be coincidence.
[#5] Her angreal

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